Lifestyle & wellbeing to help with irregular, erratic or heavy periods

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Keep a diary
Dates and flow are important to know when seeking medical help. Make a note of when a period comes and how many times you change a pad or tampon (a ‘regular’ holds 5ml, a ‘super’10ml), whether or not, you felt dizzy and have any spotting between periods.

Stay hydrated
Blood loss dehydrates, ensure you top up lost fluids. The Canadian Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research (CeMCOR) advises that if you feel dizzy or your heart pounds when you get up from lying down, you should increase fluid and salt intake as blood volume is low, drink vegetable juices.

Iron maiden
Heavy blood loss may cause anaemia as iron lost in blood isn’t replaced quickly enough. NHS UK says that anaemia can cause tiredness and lethargy. Talk to your GP before taking iron supplements as too much iron can be toxic. 

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Laura Llewellyn