Alternative help for sleepless nights and insomnia

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Essential Oils

Using Lavender, Valerian and Clary Sage essential oils before bedtime can help alleviate mild sleep problems. They calm the nervous system, if you feel relaxed you might drop off easier. Try burning in a diffuser or apply directly to the skin via a carrier oil. 

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine

The British Acupuncture Council say ‘there is some encouraging evidence which suggests that acupuncture has a role to play in helping people to deal with longstanding sleep problems,’ and may well help to ease the hot flushes and night sweats disturbing your sleep.

Sleep talking
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia sessions (CBT-I), delivered by a certified therapist, aim to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviour that stop you sleeping. NHS choices say it can be a very effective treatment. Ask your doctor about referral routes in your area.

Learn not to stress
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) pioneered by   TheSleepSchool teaches a mixture of CBT and mindfulness, helping you to accept being awake without panicking about the effects of sleep loss. Online support available from their site.


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Laura Llewellyn