When to see your doctor about sleepless nights and insomnia

When to see your doctor forhot_flush_info_symptom_hot_help_sleepless_nights.jpg

The NHS advice is to talk to your doctor if changing your lifestyle and sleeping habits doesn’t work, and sleeping problems persist, affecting 

your quality of life. Your doctor may recommend CBT, or prescribe a short course of sleeping tablets. 

And then there’s always HRT…
If your medical history means you are able to take HRT - and you suffer with hot flushes and night sweats - The British Menopause Society say it will improve your sleep quality, otherwise it won’t make a difference.

The usual caveat here, HRT is something to be discussed with your doctor. There are pros and cons to taking it. See our vlog, What Is HRT? We don’t take a view. It’s for you to decide whether it’s for you or not.


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Laura Llewellyn