Acne & skin issues


The onset of perimenopause can mean spots, pimples and wrinkles, seemingly overnight! These unwelcome, often painful, acne break-outs are most likely to appear around your chin, jaw, and mouth, but can put in an appearance on your chest and back, too.

“Tragedy” lamented the Bee Gees. For us, it sums up menopausal skin changes.


Why now?

Hormonal shifts during perimenopause and menopause can make it your skin’s most challenging time since puberty. Less oestrogen, means less skin-boosting collagen leading to; stiffer joints, dry eyes and wrinkles. Acne breakouts may be caused by the overproduction of the male sex-hormone testosterone and unfortunately, there’s evidence to suggest women who suffered from acne in their teens may be predisposed to it again during menopause.

Notice you bruise more too? Just a minor bump can leave you black and blue. That’s because thinning skin and depleting collagen levels means skin bruises more easily. This mystery-solving discovery for us, means we now carry Arnica supplies everywhere.

And the good news is….
Menopausal acne is generally a temporary condition that goes away once your hormones level out.


The best ways to deal with menopause acne and skin changes
A good skin care regime, plus diet and lifestyle changes can make a real difference.