5 experts share their tips for a positive menopause

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Menopause and life beyond, is a period (pardon the pun) when it’s no longer about the time of the month, but the time of our life! There’s a lot of living ahead and we think that life lived post-periods, should be fantastic. Now is the time to reassess your lifestyle, your health and fitness, all important for a happy body and mind. Make yours a positive pause!


Whether it’s work, your relationship with your partner and a libido that’s gone south of Cornwall, or you’re fed up feeling stressed or out of control, speakers from one of our recent Women’s Health Events that explored wellbeing and the psychological impact of changes in mid-life, and menopause, share their top tips, here:

Improve your menopause experience in the workplace.

Julie Dennis - founder, Menopause at Work.

  • When it comes to managing menopause symptoms start with yourself and what’s right for you. Consider medical, natural and practical solutions and remember it’s your body, your menopause and your choice. 

  • Best practice with regards to menopause in the workplace involves organisations focusing on the three key areas of awareness, education and support.

  • Speaking to your line manager or HR, about the specific ways menopause is impacting your ability to do your job and offer a solution as to how your circumstances could be improved.

  • Endeavour to say the word ‘menopause’ every day because until you become comfortable talking about it and asking for support, change will be very slow. 

Make time for you!

Jane Atherton – Global Management Consultant at Om Phoenix.

  • Mental Mastery – have self-awareness of your thoughts, particularly at night.

  • Embody Excellence – BREATHE! Reduce levels of stress (cortisol), and MOVE! Use your gorgeous body.

  • Creative Self – the antidote to guilt and shame is self-forgiveness. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Writing in a journal ‘I forgive myself for…’ and fill in as much as possible!

Let your relationship thrive.

Pam Custers – Psychotherapist & Relationships Counsellor at The Relationship Practice.

  • The menopause is a relational matter. A good relationship is the difference between thriving or simply surviving. The menopause can for some be the perfect storm. A time when life is challenging due to, families, careers and flagging long term relationships. Then we get a curved ball called menopause. Taking charge and empowering ourselves and our relationship is vital.

  • Gain as much knowledge as you can in order to give yourself the support that you need. 

  • Embrace this moment as a powerful time in your life when we can stop over caring for others and start focusing on self-care. The menopause is a perfect time to take stock of our life, recalibrate our love relationships and start creating the kind of life we want.

  • Talking is an invaluable process to make sense of the shifts and changes in both your body and your mind. Speak to your partner, friends or a counsellor.

Reclaim your sex life.

Nicky Gaylor - Managing Director at Sylk.

  • Don’t just put up with vaginal dryness and painful sex.

  • Reclaim your sex life....use lube!

  • Experiment and have fun.

  • Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help!

Check in with yourself

Becks Armstrong – Founder of the mindfulness app, Clarity

  • Take your pleasure seriously because it's good for you.

  • Give yourself a break because life is busy, and we have a lot of things going on.

  • Remember to breathe and check in with yourself (you can start with Clarity).

  • Be curious about what you enjoy in life and be grateful for what you find. 


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