5 great podcasts for women in midlife to enjoy!


Pause for a Podcast

Jo’s been a bit late to the joy of the podcast party but little by little they’ve crept into her listening, and once she’d figured out where to find podcasts (Pocket Casts, Spotify and Overcast work well for her), she was a convert.

But with so many podcasts to choose from, it can be hard to know what to listen to. She’s picked 5 topical podcasts for the PositivePause woman, mixing savvy advice about midlife, menopause and health, with humour, entertainment and style.


The Hot & Moody Podcast

Claire and Anita cheerfully share their own perimenopause journeys and discoveries over kitchen catch-ups and a ‘brew’. They chat about the impact of falling hormones, what that means for women, and smash those perimenopausal myths and mysteries. Essentially, it’s listening to two friends digging deep into the nitty gritty of perimenopause, warts and all, as they go through it for themselves. Funny, warm and above all informative, especially for women who are just coming into perimenopause.

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Fortunately…with Fi and Jane

In this very popular weekly podcast, two funny middle-aged mates sit in a café in Broadcasting House, chitchatting with (and about!) BBC people as they come and go into the building. They go off at any number of tangents. I love their frequent, funny digressions onto things such as ‘that stuff in the cutlery drawer’, (the mystery fluff not teaspoons!), before they segue into something like grief, Jane Austen or Emily Maitlis’s hair – they have a knack of making you laugh out loud, with their middle-aged observations that certainly resonate with me.

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The Doctor’s Kitchen

GP, Dr Rupy Aujla, a ‘firm believer in the power of food and lifestyle change as medicine’, chats with specialists that most of us wouldn’t ordinarily encounter, about how and why, food and lifestyle can boost health. As a practicing GP, Rupy shares his insights into what patients want to know, so questions are well-framed making the expert’s contributions accessible and relevant to the listener, no jargon and lots of useful advice! The topics are often common to men and women’s health, but they can be particularly significant for perimenopausal and menopausal women: how certain foods and exercise can help mental health, hearts, bones and so on. There’s no specific pod on menopause yet but it sounds like there’s one on the way with Gynae Geek, Dr Anita Mitra.

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That’s Not My Age…

Over a coffee with Positive Pause before the podcast launched, Alyson Walsh said that developing the podcasts has been one of the biggest challenges since she started her fantastic TNMA site 8 years ago. She wasn’t sure when the podcasts would go live but just a few days later I was walking my dog enjoying episode 1! Here she talks to the inspirational Lucinda Chambers about being fearless in midlife, forging a new direction and style. TNMA podcasts are intended to be ‘quiet’ and relaxed, with Alyson ruminating with guests about getting older and being happier. It’s a slow and mellow broadcast - a pleasure to listen to!

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The Happy Menopause

This makes it onto my list, not because PositivePause (just me - Ann was topping up her Vitamin D levels in Italy) had the privilege of featuring in episode1, but because Well-Well-Well’s nutritional therapist, Jackie Lynch, takes the listener on the whole midlife health journey. Her guests offer real insight into managing midlife health and debunk myths. This new monthly podcast takes on different themes and offers practical advice on subjects such as building strong bones in menopause, how herbalism may help with menopause symptoms and what do if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Looking forward to hearing more.

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August 2019


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