A winning visit to a Registered Nutritional Therapist


One of our COMPETITION winners spills the beans on her prize visit to Registered Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Lynch.


As part of our October 2018 #positivepause social media campaign we ran a competition, one of the luscious prizes was a consultation with Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Lynch of Well,Well,Well . Clare was one of our lucky winners. We were intrigued to find out what happened in her consultation and whether she’s followed Jackie’s recommendations. She shares her experience here.


clare’s Experience

I was initially very excited when I heard that I had won an hour’s consultation with nutritionist, Jackie Lynch. I had never had this kind of experience before and was keen to find out more. Then I started to feel a bit apprehensive that I would be forced to make changes to my diet (  no dairy ! no meat ! no treats !) that I would struggle to follow.

The actual process however, was just so interesting and I ended up coming away with a few suggestions that 3 months later are now embedded in my daily routine.

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A couple of weeks before the consultation Jackie sent me lots of information- about what the session would entail, and what information I needed to supply beforehand, to give her some background on my diet, eating habits and general health. There was a lot of detail. I had to keep a diary of what and when I was eating/drinking over 3 days, as well as an all body “scan “ of any ailments/problems/areas of concern that I had.

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The consultation!

Being 55 plus, I’m not really used to talking to anyone about myself and my health for the best part of an hour (I mean that’s kind of boring to listen to isn’t it ?) but the hour I spent with Jackie simply flew by. She had looked at my notes in depth beforehand and we started by talking through my existing diet and overall health. I really could get used to talking about myself all the time, it’s brilliant! The amazing thing was though, that Jackie was making links that I had never even thought of, between minor health issues that I’d noted and the food/drink and habits that I had got into. For example, I’ve been a terrible sleeper for years. I wake up several times a night and although it doesn’t seem to affect my work, I’m often just feeling low level tired. Jackie noticed that although my diet is generally pretty healthy ( I don’t drink much, I don’t smoke) I always had a cup of tea every night at bedtime. I also ate chocolate most evenings. Earl Grey tea is full of caffeine. Chocolate full of sugar. Not rocket science but I’d not made the link.

The recommendation!

Jackie set me a few challenges:

  • Try to have a week with only herbal tea after 5pm.

  • Don’t eat chocolate after 5pm.

  • Try and eat 20 different vegetables in one week.  

She also recommended investing in a Vitamin D spray and a joint/muscle supplement. She followed up the appointment with detailed notes/observations, and some really good breakfast meal suggestions.

3 months on!

It’s now February and I have, without too much trouble, given up caffeine pretty much most evenings and my sleep, although not brilliant, is much better. I also have subconsciously increased the number of vegetables that I have included in my diet.  I am feeling more in charge of myself.

A positive ‘pause indeed! Thank you Jackie !


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