Baldwins Peppermint and Lemon Pure Essential Oils may help relieve hot flushes - our review.


Essential oils to keep your hot flushes fresh

When we met the herbalists at Baldwins, London’s oldest established trading herbalist shop, we knew we’d found kindred spirits. Their apothecary is such a treasure trove for Hot Flush. 

The staff there really know their stuff and have been so helpful making recommendations for our symptoms section. When we tested out these little gems, peppermint and lemon oils, that they recommended for hot flushes, we just loved them.


Hot Flush reviews


As I’m not a sufferer of hot flushes during the day then I can’t honestly say that these will relieve menopause flushes. However, I have always carried them around in my handbag and when feeling hot I dab some drops on my hand, rub them together and then rub the oil on the thin skin behind my ears, around your neck, to get a good whiff, and on my inner wrists. Wham! Instant cooling refreshment. Do the same with the lemon, and on a hot day, zing you're instantly revived, and smell tasty too.


I used the oils in 2 different ways. I made cold spritzer mixing a few drops of water with both oils and kept it in the fridge for a little cold treat, a spritz on the face and neck did the job. I put a couple of drops of peppermint oil on a tissue and inhaled, it was cool and calming, not sure what my fellow commuters made of this! I dabbed lemon oil on my wrists which which gave off zesty scent and had a calming effect.