Become™ anti-flush vest and knickers to help combat hot flushes. What did we make of them?


Wick away the sweat from your hot flushes

Become™  are part of  a whole new generation of brands focussed on helping women to control their menopause symptoms naturally. They make vests, chamis and knickers in two colours, black and biscuit.

The technology used in the Become™  range works by absorbing and storing the heat from the surface of the skin during a hot flush and releasing it back onto the skin during the chill that follows, helping to maintain a more stable body temperature, with less fluctuations, whilst you're wearing it. Become™ say that their products have been proven to reduce the number and severity of hot flushes and night sweats in 87% of women in menopause.


Hot Flush reviews


To be perfectly honest, I don’t really suffer hot flushes, but I do occasionally have night sweats. I wore the vest and knickers during winter months as nightwear when even in cold conditions, my sweating was horrendous!

What was great about wearing the knickers and vest combined was that they did mop up the sweat so I didn’t suffer the cold chills and clammy sheets that I did when not wearing them. I don’t generally wear PJ’s at all, especially in the summer!

I bought the black set. It arrived beautifully packaged, wrapped in spotted tissue and in card envelopes for protection, so I felt I was getting something special. I really like the light and silky fabric and it does feel lovely and cool against your skin. I don't tend to wear them as undies during the day as I've never felt the need, if I start hot flushing then I certainly will! 


This stretchy, soft fabric, vest and knickers combo really did cool me down. Their unique fabric that wicks sweat and heat away from the body as you get hotter did it for me, sweat evaporated! The design is simple which suits me as I like clean lines on my undies. I tried the black set and I’ll be getting the biscuit when they’re back in stock, for a more summery vibe (and also for wearing under light colours). Washed really well and dried quickly. Comfy and cooling!


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