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2018 kicked off in a menopausal maelstrom when BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour and BBC Radio Sheffield dedicated an entire week of programming, to this topical subject. The team behind HotFlush.Info, a site launched only three months earlier, were invited to be part of the discussion. Nice to tick off a long-term goal, so soon!


Hot Flush's involvement with the Women’s Hour week gave them the chance to speak about the modern menopause movement.

Their involvement with the Women’s Hour campaign gave Hot Flush the chance to talk about the range of menopause management options, and the menopause movement that’s springing up to support women looking to take control.  Collaboration with health professionals and experts in their field, underpins the information on their website, helping women to make informed choices to manage their own menopause.They post cheeky vlogs and blogs showing what women can do to take control!

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Whilst there are conferences on menopause, they're mainly aimed at those in health, HR or those working in the menopause market, rather than the women who need to know, so Hot Flush decided to organise their own, 'Hot Flush Talking Menopause with the Experts’. These events are aimed at women who want more in depth support and information on the varied options. 

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The first "fun, formative and informative" event, as described by one of their guests, took place in June 2018, at Bell House, Dulwich. On the agenda was the crucial link between hormones, nutrition and menopause, and maintaining pelvic floor health in menopause. The audience enjoyed incredibly informative talks by Registered Nutritionist Therapist Jackie Lynch, and Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Christien Bird. Perfectly timed advice about continence issues and most importantly, how to deal with this all too common, but never normal problem, were shared at this event which coincided with ‘World Continence Week’.

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Much to Christien's surprise, two of her women’s heath physio peers, Myra Robson and Elaine Miller, from the campaigning group #pelvicroar were sitting in the front row, nerve-racking for her! Myra is the force behind ‘Squeezy’, the NHS-approved app that prompts women to exercise their pelvic floor muscles.  She’d come across this local event when looking online for solutions to her own menopause symptoms. As luck would have it, Edinburgh-based Elaine Miller, was staying with Myra, so they both popped along. Elaine was in London for another meeting with MPs at Westminster. Along with Physiomum Emma Brockwell, the #pelvicroar team are talking with and advising the government on topics from incontinence and prolapse, to the suspension of vaginal mesh implants for incontinence. 

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It seems like they enjoyed the event, with Myra saying in her online review, “I was genuinely impressed at the high quality of the information, the organisation, value for money, friendliness and positive atmosphere. This is a team to watch out for and we would encourage you to attend one of their meetings if you want support and information on the menopause.”

Social media brought these two groups together and following June’s event #pelvicroar approached Hot Flush with an idea! Recognising that collaboration and a pooling of information, resources and connections, presented in a spirit of positivity, would be helpful for women looking online, for informed answers and choices, #pelvicroar asked HotFlush to work with them on this shared venture.


Hot Flush and #pelvicroar are launching a menopause awareness raising campaign, ‘Positive Pause’, (#PositivePause) that runs between the 11th and 17th October, culminating with World Menopause Day on 18th October, with this year’s theme being ‘sexual well-being after menopause’. The #PositivePause campaign aims to raise awareness of credible online menopause management resources for both women and health professionals, directing all to a directory on the health professional led #pelvicroar site. Here they will find information about credible sites that offer women a variety of options to help with symptoms, from natural health options, diet and lifestyle advice, to evidence-based medical options, including HRT. The #PositivePause campaign will also encourage women to have peri and postmenopausal checks, a ‘midlife MOT’, for their pelvic floor.

The next Hot Flush ‘Talking Menopause with the Experts’ event is on 13th October. Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Dr Karen Morton, founder of ‘Doctor Morton’s - the Medical Helpline’, will myth bust menopause, offer treatment options, and share facts on HRT, empowering women to make informed decisions to manage menopause. Christien Bird will again talk all things pelvic health, focusing on sexual health and how menopause symptoms impact on intimate relationships. She’ll offer simple and effective advice to improve quality of life, for now and the future.

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The emphasis of the #PositivePause campaign is on greater collaboration between menopause groups and campaigners, with easier signposting for individuals and health professionals searching for support and information. The new Hot Flush and #pelvicroar collaboration sees exciting times ahead with opportunities for women to meet with experts in venues that are unimposing, welcoming and friendly. And above all the chance to spread positivity about the 'pause'!


Hot Flush Talking Menopause with the Experts, takes place on Saturday 13th October

1.30 - 4.30 pm at Bell House

Sponsored by Sylk

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