Can magnets help with menopause?

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Magnetic attraction - Hot Flush's Jo shares her experience of using a magnet.

‘Heaven is a place on earth’, sang Belinda Carlisle but that was before she hit her menopause horrors. But heaven may have returned when she started wearing magnets to manage her debilitating menopausal hot flushes. The effect was so positive, no pun intended, for her that she went public with her experience as she felt other women could benefit.

Ann and I met up with Samantha Carr, of Magnetix Wellness Jewellery, to talk about her ‘bling with a zing’ range of magnetic jewellery and the power of magnets. Of course, we wanted to know about the underlying principles of how magnets may help with health and well-being, especially as an option for managing menopause symptoms. Samantha said:

‘The magnets attract the ions in our blood which fuels a supply of nutrients, oxygen, enzymes to carried through its circulation to all major organs. Stress, age and lack of exercise can slow down circulation so magnets give the body a boost by mobilising its own defences and balancing the body naturally’. 

‘Wearing magnets can help with lack of energy, backache, arthritis, hot sweats in menopause and anxiety, magnetic therapy can play a very positive part in your general wellbeing’. Samantha’s simple, modern jewellery is a great way to wear magnets without looking like you should be in the school physics lab. 

Sceptic that I am, I’m adding my own two-penneth on magnets and my experience of using one. Samantha left me with a magnetic heart to help deal with a couple of niggling joints, including a fractured ankle! I had no expectation that it would work. However, after wearing it for a couple of days, the tricky fridge handle which aggravates my tennis elbow when I open the door, sending a pain shooting from wrist to elbow, failed to trigger the usual pain. I’d completely forgotten that I was wearing it, so was pleasantly surprised but still not totally convinced this was down to the magnet. So, then I put it over my coccyx which had been a bit achy due to the odd way I’d been walking with the leg cast on, same result! Ache disappeared and now I may be a convert.

In the absence of hard scientific research, anecdotal reports of magnets helping to deal with menopause symptoms are put down to a placebo effect. A Harvard Medical School Report, 'Menopause: Managing the Change of Life'reported that at least 25 to 30 percent of women responded to placebos in trials of common over-the-counter menopause ‘remedies’, showing that placebos can work. So, if it’s a case of mind over magnets and if it works for you, then it works, you don’t need to know how!

Whilst I’ve no idea whether it’s magnetic attraction at work, I’ll take the gain, thank you!

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