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Manchester Feelgood Fair - Look who's talking!

Come and join us at our Feelgood Fair in central Manchester on 5th October. Check out our line-up of expert women’s health professionals, complementary therapists and inspirational speakers at an event designed to make you ‘Feel Good’!

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PositivePause Feelgood Fair - Manchester’s First Menopause Event!

Enjoy Manchester’s first women’s health and menopause event where we bring together local women’s health professionals, leading figures in the health arena and complementary therapists, all sharing their knowledge and expertise, offering self-help solutions to help you to be healthy and happy in menopause.

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May 11 - PositivePause Feelgood Fair in Richmond

This fun, formative day, hosted by stand-up comic Harriet Beveridge, is chock-full of expert advice & discussions. Women's health experts, complementary therapists and leading figures from the world of health and wellbeing will share their knowledge with women looking for self-help strategies to manage their health, well-being and lifestyles. Join us, and FEEL GOOD!

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