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Me & My Menopausal Vagina: Jane Lewis' book urges women to be proactive about vaginal atrophy

“This courageous book is something that everyone should read, both women and men, young and old. Jane writes that all women should not be afraid or embarrassed to know their bodies better and that they should demand to be heard when they go to their doctors for help.” Not written by Hot Flush but by one of our husbands! Read his review and author, Jane Lewis’s response when we asked her to dig deep and find a positive message for our #positivepause campaign.

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Menopause and Mindfulness - How to tune in to you and tune out life!

Our guest blog is by Becks Armstrong, founder of 'Clarity', the mindfulness and relaxation app designed for women over forty. Becks has a long career in complementary therapy and her new app is specifically developed to help menopausal women. She explains to Hot flush how mindfulness helps you to tune into yourself.

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Baldwins Peppermint and Lemon Pure Essential Oils may help relieve hot flushes - our review.

Baldwins, are London’s oldest established trading herbalists, their apothecary is such a treasure trove of essential oils and natural remedies. These little gems are like a Hot Flush handbag rescue remedy for beating the heat.

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