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The Age Well Project - A handbook to find easy ways to live a longer, healthier, happier life!

Want to be your best possible health, for now and in the future? Then ‘The Age Well Project’ is just the book for you. When we heard about Susan Saunders and Annabel Streets development of this book last year, we had to meet to discuss it further. A year on it’s published and we can’t recommend it enough, and if you want to get your hands on a free copy then read on…

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What helps women 'FeelGood' in midlife & menopause?

Our first Feelgood Fair took place in SW London in May 2019. Women’s health professionals and wellbeing experts looked at the many options for women to manage hormones, health and happiness in midlife and menopause. It was a myth-busting event that looked beyond HRT. How did the messages go down?

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How One Woman's Midlife Change Helped Other Women!

Lavinia Winch embarked on a new work and life challenge in her mid-50s, beginning a 10 year career with The YES YES Company. Using her personal and professional experience she helped women manage sexual health issues, vaginal dryness and painful sex, often as a menopausal side effect. She’s now stepped back from the company but remains a passionate brand ambassador. She’s a great example of a successful midlife career change. Be inspired!

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Founder of Barreworks, Vicki Anstey, explains her complete body workout.

Fitness instructor, Vicki Ansty, founded Barreworks, where she teaches a dynamic exercise regime with ballet-based and barre inspired workouts. Vicki shot to fame after starring in Channel 4's endurance show, ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’. We took one of her classes, survived it, and caught up with her afterwards to find out more about how barre exercise could help women in menopause.

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Clothing to help hot flushes: Cool Clothing for Hot Women

If hot flushes and night sweats are causing menopause embarrassment and discomfort, then have you considered investing in garments to regulate your body temperature? Fifty One Apparel is one of a few select brands that design a range of basics to help relieve those dastardly flushes. Check out Ann’s review.

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