Clarity mindfulness menopause app for easing your sleep and hot flushes


a Mindfulness app to meditate away your menopause flushes?

Clarity is a mindfulness and relaxation app especially for women over 40 – founded by Becks Armstrong, a professional women’s health specialist.

Clarity provides a range of mindfulness sessions with easy to follow techniques, to help you relax and breathe easier during specific menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, night sweats and many more.

The short mindfulness sessions range from 1-20 minutes and include topics to help us all, such as:

  • Getting to sleep and getting back to sleep, if you wake during the night

  • Stress-busting

  • Fatigue

  • Letting go of negative thoughts

  • And our favourite, an 'InstaCool' session that can give immediate relief when you're having a hot flush or night sweat.


Hot Flush reviews


We were approached  by Clarity to trial their new app. As I’m a bad sleeper, I used it at bed time to lull me into sleep. I found it most effective during the hideous heatwave when we had hot, still nights. I lay awake thinking it was going to be impossible to sleep, so loaded the Clarity app and listened to 'cool your body back to sleep' which took me through a process of cooling down, focusing and help with regulating  breathing. 

The narrator asked me to imagine stepping into cold water and the background noise of gentle rippling waves helped! It was so hot that I found it hard to imagine feeling cold but as I had a canister of Physicool by my bed, I sprayed my ankles and feet and which helped to provide a cooling sensation. As the session went on and I had to walk deeper into the water, I sprayed the backs of my knees and wrists, I suppose it must be a bit like hypnosis. I woke up in the morning still with my phone by my ear, I’d slept through the stickiest hottest night of the year.


I got on really well with this Mindfulness App. I’m using it for hot flushes, concentration and anxiety (you can pick from a menu of your own tasty menopause symptoms). There are 4 sessions for hot flushes, each approximately 5 minutes long, so perfect for squeezing in as you feel a flush coming on. A special feature is 'InstaCool', a great little session that talks you through times of uncomfortable heat, helping to regulate body temperature through breathing. I love that it really can be done whenever and wherever, you don't have to take yourself off somewhere quiet, just pop your headphones on and you're away ! I like a bit of visualisation, this app has you imagining yourself in the coldest place and reinforces the power of the  mind over the body. It's a case of accepting it and releasing yourself to the experience. This worked  for me.

It's a thumbs up!


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