Clothing to help hot flushes: Cool Clothing for Hot Women


Clothing to help relieve hot flushes

Fifty One Apparel is a capsule range of clean and simple garments in classic colours designed to relieve the symptoms of hot flushes during menopause.

We were offered garments from Fifty One Apparel to wear test. As Jo is already taking HRT to alleviate her hot flushes, she didn’t feel that she could review them. Ann, still perimenopausal, doesn’t suffer the dreaded hot flushes either (thankfully), yet, night sweats are a painful reminder that she is about to have yet another annoying period!


We asked for a little background information from Fifty One Apparel to understand the technology behind the brand. They said their mission is “to offer a top quality product using technology which was originally developed for NASA, to keep astronauts’ body temperature regulated.”

“Whilst most would recommend a cooling technique, our garments use a climate control technology where the heat is taken away from the body, and stored until such time the body temperature cools, the heat is then transferred back to ensure the wearer is kept comfortable at all times.”

Ann felt qualified to give an honest review, as she trained as a fashion designer, and in her formative career designed for the likes of Conran Design Group, Laura Ashley and Mulberry. She spent many hours selecting textiles, fitting garments and dealing with manufacturers, so knows what’s involved in creating a garment with good quality, cut and drape.


Ann’s review

I was given the V neck in black. It has a longer length (short) sleeve providing a clean line in its design.

This T shirt has been designed for flexibility of wear, as both a casual or formal piece. If I’m honest it’s not a shape that I’d wear during the day, I’m more a scoop-neck, three quarter sleeve, or drop sleeve T shirt kind of girl. But as I wear this in bed, daytime style doesn’t come into it. The longer length short sleeve certainly serves me well on a sweaty night.

I tend to wear mine most nights at the moment and it’s washed virtually every other day. The colour has remained strong and it hasn’t lost its shape at all. Ironing is not my thing and thankfully this garment never seems to crease, so if it were to be worn to work then that would be a bonus for me.

Fifty One Apparel V neck

Fifty One Apparel V neck

The fabric has a lovely weight, it’s made from cellulosic yarns which give a beautiful drape and luxurious handle while having a technical feature to give comfort worn both night and day. It feels and looks like a good quality, well-made garment.

I can put my hand on my heart and say that the T shirt does make my sleep experience more comfortable. This clothing doesn’t stop you sweating, but you don’t have that awful clammy, damp sheet scenario. I used to find the worst thing about night sweats were the chills that followed, as the damp sheets, and your body cooled down, sleeping in my T shirt I don’t tend to experience that anymore.

The Susie-scoop neck

The Susie-scoop neck

I like the brand’s no-nonsense style. They’re not trying to be a fashion brand, they’re about practicality, quality and performance. They’ve stuck to classic colours: black, white, marl grey and they’ve introduced a new range offering french navy and ballerina pink.

At first glance one might think £35 a high price for a T shirt. However, I disagree, considering the amount of times it’s worn (virtually every night), I say it’s actually value for money. I’ve paid that for a top that I only wear on a few special occasions, and the fabric was substandard to the Fifty One Apparel cloth.

So, for those of you who, for whatever reason, are suffering hot flushes, or night sweats, this is a brand worth trying. The styles are versatile and can easily be worn to work under a jacket or cardi, great for exercise, loungewear or night wear. They are timeless classics, that are made of durable, high quality yarns that will certainly make your life much more comfortable.

The Susie-scoop neck in marl grey is my favourite, to see the complete range check out the Fifty One Apparel site. See competition details below for a chance to win your own.

Sweet dreams! Ann x


At 6pm on Thursday 7th February we are launching our latest competition.

fifty one Apparel have kindly offered one of our lucky followers a gorgeous susie scoop neck-top, to find details of the offer you’ll need to go to our new

FACEBOOK PAGE @PositivePause

Susie scoop-neck. Competition details on Facebook @PositivePause

Susie scoop-neck. Competition details on Facebook @PositivePause


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