Cooling Night’s Sleep: Bedding to help relieve hot flushes and night sweats


Bedding to help relieve nights sweats

We average 33% of our lifetime asleep, that’s 227,468 hours, the equivalent of 26 years! But that’s not necessarily the case for many who hit the hormonal hiccup - peri-menopause and the night sweats that can disrupt our slumber.


Always on the lookout to find products to help women through menopause, we were intrigued to hear about DermaTherapy. Their range of bedding is made with micro-fibre and is developed to wick moisture away from your skin, distributing it evenly over the surface of the sheet.

Night sweats often make sheets damp, clammy, and uncomfortable. DermaTherapy smart technology bedding offers relief from hot flashes and night sweats by reducing that horrible clamminess.

Who are DermaTherapy?

This small UK-based company have specialised in the supply of medical textiles to the NHS for the past 10 years. Developed by the same scientists and engineers who produce technologically advanced fabrics for military, medical and aerospace, to provide relief for those suffering hot flushes and night sweats that stop them getting a good night’s sleep. It’s the only patented, FDA-cleared bedding available for those who live with menopause hot flushes.

About DermaTherapy bedding

Whereas other sheets protect the mattress, DermaTherapy sheets are designed to protect you.

Made from an antimicrobial nylon-polyester blend it claims to absorb water 60% faster than cotton bedding, and helps maintain freshness with its special ‘soil release’ mechanism to keep the fabric clean. All certainly helpful qualities for those experiencing menopause night sweats!

Ann still suffers the odd night sweat and was sent some bedding to trial.


Ann’s review

Having worked with textiles most of my career I do understand that modern technological advances in fibres have developed fabrics that are specifically designed to benefit various conditions. Think Gortex, the breathable, waterproof textile.

We are often under the misconception that traditional cotton bedding is all about the high thread count. Yet these high thread counts may lead to stiffer and hotter fabrics. Also cotton bedding retains moisture, which is why following night sweats you’re left on drenched clammy sheets that then chill down to leave you freezing and wide awake!.

DermaTherapy bedding is surprisingly light and silky in finish. I think I was expecting nylon waterproof sheets that resembled the mattress protective sheets that I used years ago when nappy training my kids.


I found the sheets comfortable, the fabric is soft and has a smooth, almost silky-like surface, not dissimilar to the highest percentile Egyptian cotton.

When sleeping in my tops that are also designed to wick away night sweats, I now have a more comfortable night’s sleep. The sheets remain a constant temperature and I don’t get that annoying friction when the clammy sheets stick to me when I move, or turn over. 

The sheets wash and dry easily, and quickly, a bonus when you need to do a speedy bedding changeover.

I’d say for anyone who has disrupted night’s sleep through menopause induced night sweats, then DermaTherapy bedding is worth investing in. They quickly dissipated heat and moisture away from my skin, evenly distributing it, certainly the sheets felt cleaner and drier than regular cotton bedding.


Sheets are available in a variety of sizes, including super king size beds. They also supply a range of pillowcases, fitted sheets and duvet covers.

They sound quite pricy (£84.95 for a King), compared to Egyptian cotton. However, they’re virtually indestructible and the quick drying quality means you don’t need spares for changeover. Divide the price between 365 days of the year they’ll be used, then your investment is more worthwhile.

I’d like them to provide more detailed size information on their website, with the dimensions of the fitted sheets. And include a range for deeper size mattresses would be beneficial too.

So, if your dreaming of a cool, dry, restful night’s sleep, want to improve your quality of life, and alleviate the nightmare of night sweats, then DermaTherapy sheets could be the answer to your dreams.


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