CoolMe towel to help relieve hot flushes - our review.



CoolMe™ are instant cooling towels that, once activated, last up to four hours. They remain cool but are dry to the touch.


There are 3 easy steps to activate the cooling effect of these towels.



Soak the towel using hot or cold water.



Wring out the water.



Shake, or snap the towel, by holding both ends for 15-20 seconds.


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I met Bradley Davis from CoolMe towels at a Latte Lounge event, where he had a promotional stand. We had a good old chat about the versatility of these towels and how effective they were.

Out of all the products we tested this offered me the most effective, long lasting, cooling relief. Over the hottest days and nights this was draped around my neck and boy did it work! It most certainly did ‘CoolMe’!

I lent it to both my sons to try. They both were impressed with the simplicity of how it works. One used it after his boxing practice, so it’s not just for relieving hot flushes in menopause , it’s great for cooling down when playing sport. CoolMe also recommend it for hospital inpatients or anyone recovering from surgery.

It’s just so simple to use, soak it in water, wring it out, snap it and it honestly stays cool for hours. If you think it’s drying out, shake, or snap it again or re-apply more water. The water doesn’t even need to be cold.

Total thumbs up!


This saved my bacon in the hottest week of the heatwave. As Ann said, it relies on water to activate the cooling effect, and once wet, it did indeed last for a few hours. As the temperature soared I kept rinsing it again in the hope it would get even cooler, but sadly that didn't work. I put it across my forehead when lying down and around my neck, it made a fetching scarf! At night, I alternated between laying it on top of me like a tiny sheet or putting it across the back of my neck, as I’m a tummy sleeper and it was light enough not to be felt. For night sweats, this is a great solution. It could be kept in its handy aerated little pouch, pre-soaked and ready to go, so that you could grab and use when a sweat hits. 

Thoroughly recommend. It's in my holiday packing pile.


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