Get on the Good Foot: Looking after your feet is good for your soles!


Over the winter months our hefty hooves have been trapped in boots, tights, or thick socks. Now that Spring and more favourable weather is on the horizon, we need to pay more attention to those previously hidden feet.

It’s time to 'get on the good foot'. We have a duty to make our horrible hooves more presentable before they’re put out on display to the general public. Toenails aside, it’s the hard, cracked skin that’s built up over the winter months, that needs attention.

If you do any yoga and sit in Virasana (a type of kneeling position), you’ll know, like Ann, that it’s a good way to check-out the condition of the soles of your feet! Heels, and the edges of our feet take a battering as we walk and the best way to deal with the hard skin that develops, is to basically sand it off!

Taking the DIY option can be a lot cheaper than a salon pedicure but hours of pumice scrubbing may be futile if the skin on your feet is particularly hard, so you may want to try out one of the many gadgets available. We love Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File . This is a battery-operated device with a roller head that rotates and scrubs away your hard skin. There are three different intensities but we love the ‘extra coarse’ (replacement heads available) for that thick and stubborn hard skin!

Make sure your skin is totally dry before you start. You don’t need to apply too much pressure, as the wheel moves quite rapidly and you don’t want to take off too much1 We recommend either doing it outside in the garden (weather permitting!) or over the loo, as it’s scary how much dead skin your feet shed. Clean off the gadget with an old toothbrush to clear away the nasty skin debris.

Honestly, as if by magic, you’ll have beautifully soft (er) smooth feet. Apply a nourishing foot balm to keep the moisture in. For an added treat, file before bed, apply a cream such as CCS Footcare Cream, pop on a pair of old socks. You’ll wake up with baby-smooth skin or at the very least, better feet than you went to bed with!

You’ll be stepping into summer putting your best feet forward. Go on, treat yourself, be good to your soles! You’ll be truly impressed with the results and totally hot ta trot baby!

Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File (RRP £39.99).

Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File (RRP £39.99).

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