GiggleKnickers - Laughing in the face of incontinence


Little leaks are no laughing matter!

Little ‘leak’ problems are something we really need to have a much more open dialogue about. So many women are affected with this form of light incontinence, which could just be a small leakage problem for a few days from a bout of cystitis, or a longer problem from childbirth or hormonal imbalances. Although many problems are treatable some can become chronic and until very recently the only support was disposable pads. The lack of choice turned out to be one of the motivations behind the creation of GiggleKnickers.

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About the creators of GiggleKnickers

Judith and Anne met on an access course at Henley college over 20 years ago, when Judith was going to study Psychology and Anne was going to be a teacher. Little did they know that this was the start of a twenty-five year friendship that would become a business partnership in incontinence knickers!

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Judith’s Story

There is no doubt the experience of buying and using disposable pads is not too thrilling. Having to stand in the incontinence aisle in the chemists is a bit daunting, not to mention walking to the checkout holding a large plastic pack with the name of a brand that shouts ‘incontinence problems’. Asking for advice can be challenging too. The first time I asked for advice, to my shame, I lied, and said, it was for my mother. There was another aspect starting to appear and that was about the environmental impact of pads and how they would reach the same volumes as baby’s nappies in the near future. Environmental groups have already warned about the impact of the billions of these products that enter the global landfill system every year. Having been a director of design for a fashion company for over 25 years of my life I wondered if a better solution could be found.

It took a year to develop GiggleKnickers. Testing hundreds of fabric combinations till we had a Eureka moment when the right combination evolved. Eventually we started testing full prototypes and in November last year we launched GiggleKnickers. Ordinary looking cotton knickers with our patent-pending gusset that do the job with the minimum of fuss. You stay dry, your clothes stay dry, and no more carrying and disposing of bulky pads. Just toss your knickers in the washing machine and tumble dryer as you would with any day-to-day cotton knickers. GiggleKnickers take away much of the stress of the experience of little leaking problems. You no longer have to be thinking about it all day and worrying if you might suddenly laugh, sneeze or cough.

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The response has been amazing. After the BBC’s nomination on their 100 influential women we sold over 3000 pairs in a week and many of our customers re order. We also get lovely emails from customers saying thank you and telling us what a difference they have made.

GiggleKnickers has a really strong female thread running through it. It is a product for women, developed by women and we wanted to complete the circle by supporting a charity for women which is the Free a Girl movement which fights the sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. Women are great at banding together for support.

We believe GiggleKnickers can make life just a little bit better for the huge number of women that have this problem. If you would like to purchase or find out more about GiggleKnickers please go to , where you’ll also find lots of useful information about incontinence and ways to deal with it.


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Three lucky winners can receive a pair of GiggleKnickers worth £12.99 each!

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How to enter?

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Competition opens on Thursday 21st March and closes at 6.00pm on Sunday 31st March. The 3 WINNERS will be announced on our Facebook page on Monday 1st April



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