Positive Pause ‘Talking relationships in midlife, menopause & beyond’ event.

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“Exhilarating and liberating, full of light and love”

JW, guest at Bell House 26.1.19

When hormones flee the scene in mid-life, it can leave a trail of disruption that takes a toll on a woman's psychological wellbeing and their relationships across the board. To get a handle on how we can deal with the psychological fall-out, we covered relationship counselling, workplace consultancy , mindfulness, resilience & wellbeing


Body, Mind & Soul!

This high-energy event was full of laughter, a thirst for knowledge and a real sense of shared connection. Relationship counsellor and psychotherapist, Pam Custers, delved into the perfect storm that is menopause, talking about the need to recalibrate relationships with partners, and find the time to talk. She says that if it’s hard to start that conversation with a partner, try talking to a friend or even a counsellor. She believes we need to ‘strive’ in relationships to make them ‘thrive’. Basically, it takes two to tango, and with clear communication, you and your partner could be dancing to the same tune.

Relationship counsellor and psychotherapist, Pam Custers

Relationship counsellor and psychotherapist, Pam Custers

La, La, Libido

The elephant in the room for many relationships in midlife - low to non-existent libido! It’s worth noting that before we place the blame for this at the foot of the menopause door, a 2018 International Menopause Society survey on sexual well-being, found that whilst 46% of women reported diminished desire in mid-life, so did 43% of men! But looking out for women, we had Becks Armstrong, founder of the Clarity mindfulness app for women (and just about to launch a low-libido session on the app) speaking up about why sex matters whatever age you are, and why and how to get your groove back, with practical tips provided by Nicky Gaylor, from Sylk. She explored how, what and why women need help when, for whatever reason, and there are many, women stop having sex midlife.

Becks Armstrong, founder of the Clarity mindfulness app

Becks Armstrong, founder of the Clarity mindfulness app

Pro-active professionals

Keen to cover the extent to which all relationships can take a knock in midlife and menopause, Julie Dennis, Menopause in the Workplace coach, talked about how women can be pro-active and improve their workplace experience. Julie had some really good advice on the conversations that need to be taking place in the workplace, why they matter and how it will benefit both women and the organisation. Really empowering stuff.

Julie Dennis, Menopause in the Workplace coach

Julie Dennis, Menopause in the Workplace coach

Mind over matter

It was great to finish the day putting mindfulness into practice with Jane Atherton, from Om Phoenix, who delivered a fabulous, relaxing yet empowering session, sharing ‘resilience and mindfulness tips to enhance contentment throughout the menopause’. A session enjoyed by all, even the self-identifying sceptics in the room. Proof that sometimes we need to step off life’s merry-go-round, switch off and recharge to feel calmer and more balanced. One of her take home messages was that we totally engaging session we need to increase our awareness of how self-talk can make us procrastinate and how we let things get in the way of taking action. Life-laundry , indeed.

Jane Atherton, from Om Phoenix

Jane Atherton, from Om Phoenix

“Fantastic - made me feel fabulous”

SW, guest at Bell House 26.1.19

We asked our speakers to share key points from the day. See them here (add link)

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