Hot Flush February Frolics

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February has flown by! So many people, places and things to talk about. Here's a little taster of what's been going on.



We’ve reached out to lots of folks this month and had some really interesting chats and planned some nice little collaborations for the future.

We were delighted to meet Jo Good when we popped into her BBC Radio London show to talk about what else, but menopause? It was a joy to meet her and to talk about some of the concerns raised by her listeners. And what a range of concerns!

A highlight was a trip down memory lane to visit Hogie’s Heroes, a charity iconic photo exhibition, celebrating world-renowned celebrity photographer, Dave Hogan’s 40 years behind the lens. We had the privilege of being in front of his lens! We look forward to sharing the results over on our blog.

One of our favourite meet-ups was with the warm and bubbly, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Christien Bird from White Hart Clinic, who we came across at The Really Helpful Club’s menopause event at the beginning of the month. Christien and her colleague Sophie, shared practical tips on dealing with the all too common leaking that lots of us experience as we run for the bus, exercise or sneeze. See our vlog Hot Flush Talking: Pelvic floors, incontinence and prolapse. We talked prolapse, constipation and why high heels may help you when you’re on the loo. A laughter-filled session about seriously unfunny topics. (And we’re going back for more chat in March about painful sex and sexual dysfunction in menopause – watch out for the vlog & blog).

Eat & drink

Stew Pots (yes, a reference to our childhood radio show, Junior Choice!) were on the menu this month. Chickpea pancakes marked Shrove Tuesday, but blooming marvellous at any time of year, we say.

Va Va Voom Energy Diet author, nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch, sat on the Hot Flush sofa to talk about her book. She shared fascinating nuggets about the importance of re-thinking your diet during menopause and how to improve energy levels if you suffer those tricky menopause bad twins, stress and fatigue. We’ve just started her diet, so far so good. We’ll let you know how we feel at the end of the 10 days. 


Exercise, tried and tested!

We’re always on the look-out for free, accessible exercise and we covered two this month – stair climbing and skipping. Both great cardio vascular, joint-friendly, free, calorie-crunching, brain-boosting no brainers as far as we’re concerned.

We hooked up with well-being coach Jane Dowling from Meno & Me who shared her knowledge and experience about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through menopause and beyond. She showed us how to do easy, user-friendly exercises in almost any space, great for women who want to get started on exercise but aren’t sure where to start watch Hot Flush Meet Meno & Me.

Are we pushing it to include Face Yoga under exercise? Probably! But we had fun trying it out.

What's coming up?

March has arrived all too quickly. Lots more chats planned. On the cards, we’ve got: a Q&A with author and well-being expert Liz Earle, meet ups with the women behind the luscious Kale & Cocoa site and Menopause Cafe founder, Rachel Weiss at the Women Of The World Festival, vlogging the new simple but effective Cucumber Clothing range, talking how to deal with sexual dysfunction in menopasue with Women's Health Physio Christien and we're off to preview 'I Got life', a film about a woman going through menopause, so, watch this space!