Hot Flush Love Hogie’s Heroes Exhibition

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Dave Hogan (fondly known as Hogie), is a larger than life character who has possibly one of the best jobs around. He’s travelled worldwide to photograph some of the most iconic names in the entertainment industry. Hot Flush joined him in his studio to have our portrait taken with the hope we might get into his next coffee table book. We live in hope, as we’ve got tough acts to follow!

Hogie has over 40 years’ experience as a red carpet photographer – George Michael, David Bowie, Prince, Amy Winehouse, Rolling Stones, U2, Adele, Sir Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson and Madonna to name just a few. He was on stage documenting Live Aid and followed Bono, The Edge and Sir Bob Geldof in their Band Aid/Live Aid campaigns. His catalogue of subjects has established Hogie as one of the world's leading celebrity photographers.

From 1-28 February, at the newly-opened Trafalgar St. James Hotel, Hogie is showcasing an exhibition, Hogie’s Heroes,  celebrating his 40 years of photography in the music industry. Previously unseen, signed iconic images are exhibited around  the hotel's public areas. The exhibition is open to the public,  free of charge, between 9am and 10pm, daily.

Hogie is hugely respected by many stars and part of this is due to his down-to-earth charm. It's because of this special relationship, that he's been able to get a number of the bespoke prints signed by their star subjects. These prints can be bought   via a global on-line eBay auction that's live from 18 February to 28 February 2018. All proceeds from his auction will split between 3 charities, The Haven + London, Teenage Cancer Trust and Cancer Research UK. Visit Hogie's Heros Charity Auction to bid for an exclusive signed print of your hero.

Hot Flush met with Hogie, also known as ‘Big Dave’, who enthusiastically gave us a personal tour of the exhibition. Behind every print he had an incredible story. From the sadness behind Amy Winehouse’s eyes, to an early image of Madonna performing before she became famous – Hogie was told by Boy George she was going places and he ought to take her photo!

David Bowie and Tina turner performing on stage, is a copy of a print that Tina has on her piano at home. She personally contacted Hogie asking permission to post it on her social media the day Bowie died. The story behind the smile of both Gallagher brothers was the funniest. Known for their moody Oasis attitude, Hogie jovially played them by refusing to take a photo unless they smiled, he took the cheeky shot after cracking a joke.

Sir Bob Geldof, who features in the exhibition, describes his fondness of Hogie: "Big Dave’ has been a ubiquitous figure at every social/political/artistic event in London for the last 40 years. His magnificent photographs both from the actual moment and from his studio tell the stories of our time for good or ill. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Dave and respect his craft/art and more importantly respect him as a person. A very good man who contributes hugely and magnanimously and continually to Band Aid/Live Aid by using his great skill for the benefit of others. He is a superb photographer".

Hogie is an infectiously positive, unpretentious person, and for a ceramicist from Powys who’s first job was as a redcoat snapping portraits of glamorous grannies at Barry Island Butlins, he’s not done too badly.

Hogie has been through tough times recently when we talk of menopause anxiety, it’s nothing compared to what Hogie’s had to deal with! Last year his personal assistant, Caron Westbrook, was sentenced to 5 ½ years imprisonment for fraudulently syphoning hundreds of thousands from his accounts. He lost his homes and was eventually made bankrupt by her actions. Hogie is now surrounded by a close management team who have him back on track, ‘I’ve been extremely privileged to work with some amazing iconic heroes over 40 years of my career and look forward to the next 40!’. As he told Hot Flush, he’s been at rock bottom, he knows what it’s like ‘to have it all and lose it all’, the Haven charity is very close to his heart and for which he has a special rapport. He sees this exhibition as a means for him ‘to give something back to others who are less fortunate in life’.

Support Hogie’s charities, go see the exhibition before it disappears on a world tour. Have a cuppa, or sip a mocktail in the St James bar and watch the world go by. Entry is free, Hogie just asks that you donate a pound towards his charities and share it on social media by using his tag #hogiesheroesuk. You could also bid for an exclusively signed framed print of your own hero.

Hogie’s Heroes Exhibition

Trafalgar St James

2 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2TS