Hot Flush Meet The Really Helpful Club


Hot Flush recently spent the morning with The Really Helpful Club’s founder Sarah Austin and the clubs' events organiser, Caroline Edwards. The club coordinate a wide range of lifestyle, business and charity events. We joined them as they hosted an event dedicated to our favourite subject - the menopause.

Two fantastic guest speakers, Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Lynch and Chartered Physiotherapist, Christien Bird, shared their wealth of knowledge and experience to a roomful of inquisitive women who were itching to learn about a potentially dry subject.

Christien Bird, from the White Hart Clinic in Barnes, specialises in women’s health physio, ultrasound imaging of the pelvic floor muscles and perineal evaluation (the region of the body between the pubic arch and the tailbone). She recently completed an international certified course to further develop her understanding of how to support women in their 'third age' (peri and post-menopause).

Christien's humorous and light-hearted presentation focused on potentially embarrassing subjects. We loved her informative, inspirational and clinical approach to dealing with our bits below.

Christien explained why weight bearing exercise was important in the prevention of osteoporosis post menopause, and that many women suffer unnecessary leakages whilst performing these types of exercise. This is where we gained a valuable lesson on the importance of looking after our pelvic floor. She had us all pretending to hold on to a fart. Yes, apparently this same action is the best way to engage our pelvic floor! Her rubbery chicken was a wonderful demonstration to articulate that sucking in our tummy whilst exercising, is not good for us, was genius. A bulbous bubble burst from the chicken's bottom to demonstrate what might happen to our private parts if we inhale too sharply!

Prolapse (organs slipping out of place), incontinence and vaginal atrophy were all hot topics up for discussion. Not least, how to pass the perfect poo! Our natural physiology means we're designed to squat behind a tree to make bowel movements but as that's less practical or desirable now, we should raise our feet when sitting on the toilet to ease a movement. Christien recommends using a Squatty Potty, a child's potty training stool, or, for a glamorous approach, wearing stilettos whilst sitting on the loo to help prevent straining and any possibility of prolapse.

Jackie Lynch, the author of Va Va Voom, a 10-Day Energy Diet, gave a fun and insightful presentation on how to level out our stress. Balancing our cortisol and sugar levels can help deal with menopause fatigue. Jackie had plenty of hints and tips about how to get enough protein, fibre, calcium and magnesium in our diet, to help us stay on top of our menopause mayhem.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with The Really Helpful Club whose ethos is connecting and sharing really helpful information between women!

What a wonderful opportunity to meet a community of women who all shared an interest in managing their menopause. Hot Flush look forward to getting together with the Really Helpful Club again in the near future.