Hot Flush Talking Menopause on a Sunny Day


Hot Flush Talking Menopause With The Experts

Bell House was undoubtedly, the star of the show, being a splendid venue with a spectacular garden that rewarded the senses at our first HotFlush event. Expert speakers shared pearls of wisdom with a group of engaged women in a stunning setting.

Menopause, with its ‘Pick n’ Mix’ of symptoms, much like the way we picked our sweets back in the day, will be experienced differently by each of us. Some of the things we have in common, whether we’re aware of them or not, are the increased and hidden issues for bones and hearts, pelvic floors and the likelihood of developing diabetes. Sometimes, we need a gentle nudge so that even those who appear to breeze through menopause, are aware that rapidly depleting hormones can leave trouble in their wake.

Our expert speakers shed light on the reasonably straightforward lifestyle changes that women can make in managing the discombobulating experience of menopause, kickstarting changes that could benefit overall health.

Jackie Lynch, Registered Nutritional Therapist, founder of WellWellWell Nutrition, captivated the room. Pens flew and mobile phone cameras clicked, as women captured Jackie’s expert advice on what, how and when to eat, to mitigate swinging blood sugar crashes and the cortisol surges that play havoc with our stress levels and how to ensure we’re giving our bodies what they need now.

Chartered Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Christien Bird, from The White Hart Clinic, aims to get those conversations we never have, off the ground. She talked leaking when you laugh, pelvic floor weakness, prolapse and something none of us ever discuss, doing the perfect poo! (In our experience it’s not something anyone tells you how to do, hence straining, pushing and putting pressure on the perineum so increasing the risk of prolapse). She got us all practicing those pelvic floor lifts and recommended we all download the free NHS Squeezy App to coach us along the way.

The general consensus from our guests was that the more we laughed, shared and talked about the things that happen in menopause, the more normal it becomes. This was reinforced by Julie Dennis, The Menopause Coach, who introduced her work promoting menopause awareness in the workplace. It was great to hear women questioning Christien and Jackie further, thus opening up the conversations which continued into the break. Here’s a flavour of what women had to say about our event:

Friendly, fun, formative (and informative!). Katja S

Enlightening and fun – felt part of a crowd, not alone’. Sarah B

Excellent information presented in a straightforward but engaging and lacking in embarrassment way’. Clare G

‘Extremely informative and I feel confident that I’ve discovered things to help improve my symptoms. I will be back!’ Suzanne J

The sun shone, the venue enchanted, our experts delivered and women engaged. We can guarantee three of these factors at our next events, but the sun is not so reliable. Catch us at Bell House on October 13th and January 26th for more talk on menopause!

Hear more from Jackie on our vlog Hot Flush Talking Nutrition and Lovely Bones.

Watch Christien giving more gems of advice with Are You Sitting Comfortably? Hot Flush Talking the Perfect Poo!

Special thanks to our event sponsor, Sylk Natural Intimate Moisturiser. Also, thanks go out to: Kegel8, Plantur 39 Shampoo, Rude Health Snacks, Bio Nutri Supplements, Kiss The Moon Essential Oils, Baldwins Natural Health Brochure, Bird and Blend Tea, Flahavan’s Oats, Better You and The Vale Practice, for their generous donations to the gift bags that our guests took home.

25th June 2018