How can FemTech help with menopause?


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An exciting part of running a website is that you end up doing things you’ve never done before, or wouldn’t ordinarily do. This week an invitation to attend the 2018 Giant Health Event landed in the Hot Flush inbox. ‘Women’s Health: The Future is FemTech’, with a  presentation entitled, ‘The Case for Menopause Tech’, tickled our fancy, so we decided to pop along.  


FemTech is health technology designed for women and developed by women offering solutions to meet female health needs. The tech industry is dominated by men who know so little about women’s health needs – fertility, hormones, periods, menopause – so it seems like a blindingly good idea that women should  use their own experiences and empathy to design products that women will want to use.

The event brought a really interesting and diverse group of speakers together – from the Minister of Health’s female Tech adviser, to a gynae-oncologist AI expert and founders of companies that create apps, devices and wearable tech.


Here are five things that we picked up about how, where and why FemTech can help women before, during and after menopause, to take care of themselves.


FemTech is big business!

FemTech targets 50% of the population and is predicted to be a 50-billion-pound industry by 2025.


Women designing health care technology bring an understanding of female health and lifestyle to their design.


Technology can be used by women to mitigate and manage health issues via apps, devices, innovative clothing, ‘smart’ products.

It’s in your pocket!

We carry access to healthcare in our pockets, via our mobile phones. There are so many apps that may help women:

We love PEBL!

A drug-free technological wonder helping menopausal women deal with hot flushes is in development. We met up with Nicola Miller from Cambridge Consultants, who on discovering there weren’t any tech solutions for her hot flushes, decided to come up with one. Realising that women often need a quick and discrete cooling fix, she’s designed a pebble-sized device to fit snugly in your hand which when activated by a push button, releases a cooling shock to the skin’s cold temperature receptors sending messages to the brain and tricking the body’s temperature control box, the hypothalamus, into cutting short the hot flush. We tried it, painless and cool, it really does work, every hot woman needs a PEBL!

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.35.06.png

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