Introducing PositivePause!

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Hello PositivePause!

A new year, new beginnings, our website is now called PositivePause!


Why change?

As you may be aware, we took part in a brilliant collaborative social media campaign for October’s World Menopause Day. In looking for a hashtag for the campaign, we came up with #PositivePause, which we felt summed up the campaign’s message, doing what it says on the tin - offering women positive information, encouraging them to pause and take time to think about what would help them to have a positive menopause, and life beyond!

Many of the subjects and topics that interest us, and other women, aren’t only menopause-related, but link to the raft of changes that take place as we get older, and the good news is that these aren’t all bad! Menopause is no longer about the time of the month, but the time of our life, free from periods and pregnancy! With this in mind, it felt right to part company with ‘Hot Flush’ our lovely but one-dimensional menopause-related name, what could be better we thought than moving forward with PositivePause?

What are we doing?

We’ll be talking more about lifestyle, wellbeing, the social and financial issues that affect us - changing the narrative, encouraging women in midlife and menopause to accept themselves, and to be happy and healthy, in mind, body and spirit.

How will we do it?

We’ll be doing more events with our experts, organising Feelgood Fairs, connecting with organisations to support women in the workplace as well as working with more experts, and women whose tales will inspire and of course continuing to blog about relevant concerns for the PositivePause demographic. Please, do get in touch, to talk to us about any collaboration,


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