Khu Khu traditional Spanish fans to relieve hot flushes - A Hot Flush review.


Traditional hand fans for fanning away hot flushes

Khu Khu was founded by Victoria Speyer who saw a gap in the fan-making market for striking hand-fans, that were both fashionable and artistic. Inspired by her years living in Southern Spain, she knew how beautiful and useful fans are, but how few were available for modern, stylish women.

Using the best of both modern and traditional art skills, Khu Khu pride themselves on small runs and exclusivity, so their customers know they own a unique and exclusive product. Each fan is hand-made, with love, in Spain.


Hot Flush reviews


We’ve been following Victoria Speyer, founder of Khu Khu on Instagram for a while and we just love her range of products.

These beautifully-made, traditional Spanish fans are wonderful quality. They're beautifully packaged and would be a fantastic present for anyone looking to buy a special gift for their mum, sister, grandmother, or daughter as a gift.

Khu Khu have a wonderful range of designs that would suit any occasion, or outfit, from cool slogans (so Hot Flush), to stunning statement designs.

I’m more than happy to sit on a packed train or bus and whip out my Khu Khu fan. It's certainly caught peoples eye with its' tongue in cheek, ‘I’m a Fan’, slogan.

This is my faithful, trendy accessory that I keep with me at all times. It's so much better than the gimmicky little plug in fans that need charging to operate them. Good old fashioned hand fans have lasted the test of time because they WORK!

Khu Khu, I’m a huge fan!!!


This gorgeous fan brings a contemporary touch to a classic idea. I’ve got a raft of fans that I’ve collected on my own hot flush journey and I was fairly sure that they were all much of a muchness in terms of cooling effects. Wrong! The Khu Khu fan is weighty. The spines are solid. The high grade cotton is rigid. These characteristics come together to produce a fan that wafted a much needed 'summer breeze' over me. Its' sassy design with 'Stay Cool' splashed across the curve, made it feel less stuffy and a fan to use with a confident, ‘yes, I’m hot, so what?’ attitude! It comes in a robust pouch that protects the fan, and in my case made it easier to find at the bottom of my bag of doom. ‘Fan-tastic’, I say!


Khu Khu Hot Flush offer

Khu Khu are offering our Hot Flush customers (and any friends they refer) 20% off their entire order on non-sale items. One use per customer. Enter this discount code HUSHTHEFLUSH20 at checkout and the discount is automatically removed. No expiry.