Libresse/Bodyform Viva La Vulva Campaign

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Viva La Vulva

We love the new taboo-smashing campaign released in November 2018, produced by Somesuch’s director Kim Gehrig, as an ode to women embracing their vulvas.

So many women have never looked at their vulva and many of those that have, think theirs is imperfect.


Following 2017’s Libresse (or Bodyform as we know them in UK), ‘Blood Normal’ campaign, that challenged the taboo of adverts for sanitary towels not showing period blood, ‘Viva La Vulva’, is equally as controversial.

This is a ‘lip sync’ (excuse the pun) video with a difference. The visuals depict a variety of vulvas - not real ones, that might be too controversial! Conch shells, origami, pottery, knitted characters and citrus fruit create colourful cameos, interspersed with scenes depicting women interacting with, discussing and generally appreciating their vulvas in all their glory.

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Libresse conducted global research to learn what women feel about and how they care for their vulvas. Findings showed that over half of women feel pressure for their vulva to look a certain way and 44% have felt embarrassed by the way their vulva naturally looks, smells or feels. 68% of women don’t technically know what their own vulva is, with one in four completely unaware that no two vulvas should look exactly the same.

Director Kim Gehrig used a largely female centric production team and the creative artwork was produced by fantastic female artists. The campaign has a relatable, light-hearted humour to deliver its message. The reworked soundtrack of Fat Boy Slim’s ‘Take Yo’ Praise’, performed by Camille Yarbrough creates a catchy vibe to attract a broader range of women.

This is an ad with an underlying message

Which is - to raise awareness of the rising pressure, misinformation and ignorance about women’s vulvas and how women perceive they should look. Triggered by the growth in female genital plastic surgery, along with embarrassment or shame of what a ‘normal’ vagina should look like, that often leads to women missing crucial smear tests.

According to cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, each day 58 women are diagnosed with one of five types of gynae cancer, that are preventable, had women had smear tests or regularly checked their vulva for changes.

Being more open, understanding the signs and symptoms, and ensuring women know their bodies are all key factors in changing women’s perception of what is normal, and this campaign is spreading that ethos.

By promoting a more open philosophy and normalising the idea that vulvas are diverse and unique, Libresse/Bodyform (Essity FemCare brand in Northern Europe) hope to boost confidence and break long standing taboos. As they say on the ad “whatever you’re born with , embrace it.”

The ad is essentially a music video, although possibly challenging to some, we love the underlying witticism. It was released on the Libresse Sweden YouTube channel and the campaign has now been launched for the Swedish and Danish markets. Although not a UK campaign we can at least share their YouTube link and help raise awareness that “there is only one perfect vulva. Yours!” So take care of it.

Over half think their vulva is imperfect. Libresse/Bodyform are challenging this perception.


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