Menopausal Moments of the Hot & Moody Podcasters


Hot & Moody!

In our latest guest blog we asked the two friends behind the podcast series Hot & Moody, to share their story of what prompted them to podcast about their perimenopausal moments of minor mayhem!


So, when did it all change from belly giggling over a gin to bellyaching over a peppermint tea?

Well, for us at The Hot & Moody Podcast, it was around the time that we both hit our mid-40s. Annette - working in a corporate, male-dominated environment - a confident, outspoken women, was suddenly swamped with overwhelming feelings of self-doubt and anxiety. It felt alien to her. “I don’t know why I’m feeling like this.”, she would say, tears brimming in her eyes. “It feels so alien.”

At the same time, I was working for myself as a home-based translator and facing a challenging stretch with my youngest son’s development. As an adoptee living with development trauma, which is wholly misunderstood in the mainstream educational setting, our lives were tumultuous to say the least. We were facing a legal battle to find him a school placement able to meet his needs. My stress levels were unnaturally, albeit understandably, billowing out of control. My window of tolerance for day-to-day stressors and my own emotions diminished to near paper-thin proportions.

We found ourselves being tossed about in a daily sea of midlife befuddlement and gasping for breath between the intermittent, surging waves.

Though our predicaments were different, we had both gone from strong, buoyant women to not being able to tread even the calmest of life’s waters. The two of us now fragile stems being buffeted by the perimenopausal gale, were crushed by the sudden random chaos of the universe. It felt bleak!

But it was in these wild waters that our already robust connection was further reinforced. After Annette’s diagnosis, we were able to reach a deeper bedrock of empathy and understanding of each other’s individual challenges. We became united in the decisiveness and insistence of biology, giving us a deep sense of warmth and solidarity. Being able to unburden ourselves of our unwillingness to renounce our insatiable ambitions of youth was empowering. We decided we had to change focus and direction, and embrace the next inevitable stage of our lives. Since we are all at the mercy of time; we could either join a futile fight against it or unleash our inner positivity and reach out to other women.

From our often kitchen-based discussions, we made the somewhat curious decision to take a gigantic leap of faith and record a podcast. Neither of us is au fait with these types of digital technologies but somehow, we muddled through and our podcast was born.

Annette conducted a brief survey at her workplace, asking colleagues for 3 words that they would most associate with the term Menopause. Hot and Moody were the outright winners and with that our podcast had a name.


We both find it incredibly interesting that in the western world, The Big M, The Change or any other language used generally connotes such negativity, yet if we look to the East, people talk of a “Second Spring”; giving rise to a much more positive psychology.

We have just launched our second series and have had great feedback from other women going through similar experiences. We aim to discuss serious matters but like to put a light-hearted slant on our discussions and interviews. It’s so lovely to hear that our listeners feel like they are sitting in the kitchen with us and that was precisely our intention when we set out on this journey.

In talking about this “last taboo”, we hope that women (and men) will start to talk more openly and positively about the changes that our ageing bodies go through. Reaching out to younger women and educating ahead of time is imperative if we are to change the narrative.

Though having teenagers and going through the peri-menopause is one hell of a potent mix, getting older is a true privilege and we intend to enjoy as much as we can.

Claire Agius

The Hot & Moody Podcast

August 2019


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