Menopause clothing - what a surprise!

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Menopause clothing - what a surprise! #positivepause

Like many other women for whom HRT isn’t an option to combat hot flushes and the dreaded night sweats, Myra has been looking for DIY ways to tackle them. In her quest she discovered menopause clothing. Myra has tested some and shares her results with Hot Flush.


When #pelvicroar and Hot Flush began planning the #positivepause menopause campaign, Elaine (#pelvicroar campaigner) sent me a link to an advert for clothing designed for menopausal women, with a comment along the lines of…”looks pricey but might be worth checking out!” I decided that I would be a good candidate for testing some of these items for the following reasons:


I am menopausal and being driven to distraction by the hot flushes, night sweats and insomnia


I am a frequent visitor to an array of excellent charity shops and as such, have learnt to recognise top quality, designer clothing by look and feel

I have invested in some excellent outdoor clothing for our rather challenging family holidays including trekking and wild camping in deserts and sea kayaking in Alaska. I am used to making my clothes work hard in extreme temperatures and conditions!

I emailed four key companies after a few minutes of searching on Google – Become, Cucumber Clothing, Fifty One Apparel and Esteem-no-Pause. I requested a sample of their ranges for me to test and review as part of our campaign and I was astonished at the positive and rapid response. Within 48 hours, it was like Christmas in my hallway! Beautifully packaged parcels arrived and I was really quite excited.

I must confess that I was rather sceptical. Having spent months pulling off clothes at speed, opening doors and fridges to cool off, pulling clothes back on when the sweat made me chilly, fighting the bedclothes and once waking to a bed that was completely drenched, I had rather accepted this misery was my lot for a while. Words cannot describe how utterly awful these temperature swings are. I hate feeling clammy and sweaty and I struggle to maintain any sort of constant temperature. The lack of sleep is a particular challenge and I have desperately tried all kinds of remedies in an attempt to regain some stability.

I decided that having been sent such a generous assortment of clothes, I had to do a thorough and honest test. I have spent several weeks now with the items, and started making myself wear them at every opportunity. I have two items that can be used as nightwear, a sports top, a T-shirt and tracksuit style trousers and a set of knickers and matching camisole. I have tested them in a variety of conditions and at temperatures ranging from the last hot days of summer to the early chill of autumn.

I will detail the clothes in a moment but the overwhelming message is that these ranges are absolutely incredible. I really do mean that and I really did not expect that to be the case! I was a little concerned that I would not notice much difference and would be worried about how to give an honest but tactful review but there was no need for concern at all. The clothes are all of the very best quality – fabrics are soft, silky, smooth and very luxurious. This in itself is so positive when you feel physically in a bit of a messy decline. The fit of every item is perfect, the comfort is amazing and the principle joy is that they work!

It seems to me that they all do three key things. They absorb any sweaty moments so that you don’t get that annoying, damp chill. They reduce the hot flushes and so reduce those awful moments where you can feel yourself burning up and are powerless to stop it. They therefore reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with it! Finally, they stabilise your body temperature so that you are not frequently putting clothes on and off… They give you a sense of calmness and confidence that your body is under your control again and I didn’t realise how much I had missed that. Unlike sports clothes, the quality of the fabrics is so good that you would not realise they were anything other than beautifully made, luxury items. They wash well and dry quickly too. I also know already that I will still want to wear them when the menopausal symptoms stop.

Here is a little more detail of the clothes that I have been testing:


Anti-Flush vest and knickers – these are made from a beautifully supportive, smooth lycra-style material. The knickers stay where they are and don’t roll down in that irritating way that some knickers do and the vest doesn’t wiggle its way up! They are flattering, slimming, comfortable and wrap your body in an incredible, temperature-controlled core. They fit perfectly under your clothes with no ridges or bumps and wash very well. Wearing them all day means that you don’t feel the need to change because your clothes no longer feel sweaty and possibly less than fragrant!

“Cucumber Clothing”

Cream Ruffle Dress – I wish, I WISH, I had sent off for this at the beginning of the heatwave and before my trip to Croatia. This dress is beautiful and the fabric is extraordinary. It is perfect as a nightdress or day dress. Interestingly, when I wear it I find that my arms don’t tend to get chilly but as the weather gets colder I may start wearing a light cardigan with it. It is a stunning item of clothing and feels incredibly special on. If I had possessed this when I went on holiday, I suspect I would never have worn anything else, other than my swimsuit!

“Esteem no Pause”

Vest Slipdress – this can be worn as underwear or nightwear. I use it at night and every other item of nightwear has been dumped at the back of the wardrobe since it arrived. It fits snugly and is supremely comfortable. The fabric is soft and smooth and when I wear it at night the sweats are dramatically different. I have tried skipping it some nights as a test and the sweats increase immediately. When I do get the odd mild sweat, I notice that it rarely reaches my face now and is manageable, with no obvious dampness afterwards.

“Fifty One Apparel”

Charlie Vest, Karin V-Neck T-shirt and Rachael lounge Pants – these are all characterised by natural, soft, jersey fabric of incredible softness and quality. I have used the vest in the gym and it is superior to my usual gym wear as it absorbs the sweat beautifully. The T-shirt and pants are structured and feel fantastic, wash well and are phenomenally comfortable. I tend to change into these most evenings now because they are such a pleasure to wear, and I am not someone who changes clothes during the day usually. I look forward to putting them on and have a confidence that I will instantly feel good and will stay at a reasonably controlled temperature all evening.

When I originally thought about doing this blog I had no intention of writing such a long review but I have been so impressed with all the items that I really do feel it is my duty to be honest and detailed so that others feel enabled to make a suitable decision about purchasing any of these items. They are expensive, there is no getting away from that, but now I can see why.

Would I have paid for these clothes? No, I was sceptical of the reviews and it was too much money for me to part with, despite the misery of my symptoms.

Would I now pay to stop them being taken away from me? Yes I would, and I never thought I would say that. They work, they are fabulous, and I will be wearing them until they fall apart…which I suspect will not be for a long time!

Myra Robson #pelvicroar



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