Menopause: It's A Hot Topic!


For author Sam Bunch, Menopause really did become a Hot Topic!

We started following author Sam Bunch, on Instagram after a tip off from another Insta buddy about her forthcoming book, Menopause A Hot Topic. Within moments of following Sam she messaged us, and half an hour later she was sitting at the PositivePause creative kitchen table, chatting over a cuppa!

Lancashire lass, Sam, now lives in London and her writing career is a recent endeavour. She’d never had a desire to write books and definitely didn’t want to stand up in public and talk about them. But life catapults you in many directions. Whilst in midair Sam found herself in the dizzy heights of self-publishing and winging it most of the way. 


Eleven years ago when Sam turned 40, her mum died after a ten year battle with cancer. Two years later her dad dropped dead, out of the blue, without warning. She says she started to become ‘unhinged’. 


A few years later she decided that to fill the void she’d go out and talk to other women, asking them how they ‘do life’. Over the following four years she interviewed 100 women ageing from 30-96 years old, asking them a list of questions; from the mundane to the deep and meaningful. The result - a treasure chest of insight and wisdom too good not to share. She naively set out to write a book. Three years later, she produced Collecting Conversations - 100 women sharing their everyday thoughts.  She self-published and found herself deeply out of her comfort zone, one thousand copies arrived all the way from China and her heart stopped, she now had to sell them! 

With no sales, marketing, computer, or technology skills Sam was thrown in at the deep end. She organised two book launches, said ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that came her way, including speaking at a TedX event. When Good Housekeeping featured her book, she attracted lots of interest, with many independent book shops stocking her book and eventually, Waterstones. This all led to her chatting with Jo Good on BBC radio London. It was all new stuff and scared the living daylights out of her, to add insult to injury - the menopause reared its ugly head.  

The hard work paid off and Sam sold the one thousand copies, she ordered a reprint. As it arrived Sam’s menopause was in full flight - she couldn’t be bothered! All enthusiasm and passion went! Blighted with too many symptoms to mention she began the year at a snail’s pace, one step forward 20 back. Apathy, angst and a general bad attitude were becoming the norm. Everything was becoming too much effort. 


One morning in May, Sam woke up and decided to retaliate, get her own back, ‘out the menopause for what it really is - SHIT!’. She got out her laptop and started ranting - four months later the ranting evolved into - ‘Menopause A Hot Topic’. She tells it like it is. This honest account is real, funny and insightful. She interviewed 50 other women and she says their thoughts reflect the wealth of the hideousness that is menopause.  

Feeling much better (for how long who knows, she says!) she is out and about again, selling her book and talking about it. It’s still uncomfortable but at least she knows it’s not as bad as the menopause. 

Sam is currently interviewing 100 men for the sequel - Men Talk! 

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