Menopause made us mid-life models: Redefining #midlife and body consciousness


What happens when you don’t read your emails correctly? You Become accidental underwear models!

Bob Dylan's song "The Times They Are a-Changin'" was written in 1964 to influence the younger generation, and to serve as a rallying call for the people to come together to bring about a needed change.

In the words of Bob, "Your old road is rapidly agin'. Please get out of the new one If you can't lend your hand. For the times they are a-changin'". Let 2018 be the year that we redefine #midlife and menopause and bring about a change in the minds of body consciousness.


Hot Flush have been following Become™ since their anti-flush menopause tech-underwear range hit the market. When we met Lindsey Robins, head of marketing at Become™, on a video shoot we clicked instantly. Lindsey totally understood what Hot Flush are aiming to achieve with our positive, up-beat attitude to ageing and the menopause. And of course our brand is so on target for the Become™ menopause clothing label. By the end of the shoot we’d been invited to their promotional picnic that she was organising.

Great we thought, we love a picnic, tasty food, plus we’d be mingling with models and other folk associated with the modern menopause movement. What we hadn’t appreciated was that we’d be part of their underwear photoshoot. Don’t get us wrong we’re not camera shy, we do plenty of vlogs for our website. However, stripping down to our undies, parading around Parliament Hill in full sight of the public isn’t necessarily our bag!

We rocked up to the picnic wearing our Become™ vest and knickers with clothing we thought appropriate. We’d got it wrong, we were informed that we were to join the other models who were having their make-up done and that we needed to take our clothes off, even our jewellery, "undies only please" – WHAT!!!

It took some persuasion to get our kit off, but how could we refuse when we chatted to the other wonderful women involved in the shoot, all up for the challenge. Even the photographer was going to be in her vest and knickers.


It was the beautiful Sophie @menopause_and_me who really changed our minds. More anxious than us about baring herself, and understandably so having in January 2018 had a total abdominal hysterectomy, aged 32. If she was brave enough to take her clothes off in public for the very first time since her op, we had no excuse; we were in!

We’d met a new group of menopause warriors, brave, confident and up for exciting challenges

By the end of the photoshoot any anxieties were cast aside. We’d met a new group of menopause warriors, brave, confident and up for exciting challenges. We had such a blast, laughing in the face of the menopause.


Why were we so apprehensive to take our clothes off? We’re happy enough to go on holiday and be seen in our swimsuits, why should it be any different in a public park in stylish underwear? Perhaps secretly we’re still too hung up about our body image?

What’s so wonderful, is that there’s a growing shift in attitude and it’s such a positive change. With model agencies such as Mrs Robinson signing classic and retro women on to their books and the growing number of Instagramers who are over forty, fifty and beyond, proudly making waves in the clothing and fashion industry.

Non-celebrity, real women are now becoming the new models of our time

Non-celebrity, real women are now becoming the new models of our time, embracing their #midlife in new modelling careers through social-media channels. Women such as Shayne Brodie @mssilverlining has taken going naturally grey to the next level. Rachel Peru @rachelperu1 who is 34FF bra size, accepts her curves and started a new career in modelling at the age of 47. Freelance journalist and former magazine fashion editor Alyson Walsh @thatsnotmyage are all redefining #midlife body confidence, embracing natural beauty and celebrating the fact that fashion is not about age, it’s about style.


We felt liberated by our photo shoot experience with Become™, and you too could have the chance. Why not take up the challenge by being part of their new modelling #HotWomenOnly competition this month. They’re in search for Britain’s most confident, empowered and truly hot women to model their products. Why don’t you become (sorry for the pun!) part of the change in redefining #midlife style and body consciousness.

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The Become™ campaign has been designed to help break down the stigma surrounding menopause and redefine what it means to be 'hot'. According to Lindsey, it’s being promoted across social-media channels with slogans such as "Only 1 in 10 women are hot enough for our underwear" and the winner of the competition will become the face of the brand. Could this be your #midlife change?

Enter the Become™ competition via this link

Ann Stephens, August 2018


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