Menopause Mezze


Mezze is a style of shared-plate dining popular throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. A similar concept to Spanish tapas it encourage social and leisurely meals.

There is plenty of research that advocate the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet and Hot Flush are big believers too.

Mezze meals include an abundance of whole grains, legumes, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables; animal fats are consumed sparingly and chicken is eaten more often than red meat. It also contains copious amounts of garlic, herbs, olive oil, and is often seasoned with lashings of lemon juice.

Common Middle Eastern mezzo include hummus, baba ganoush and salads such as tabbouleh. Olives, pickles and nuts served with flat bread typically accompany the mezze spread.

So whether entertaining or having a relaxing family lunch we can’t think of a better way to enjoy a healthy menopause mezze meal. Check out our Hot Flush Menopause Mezze recipes, you won’t fail to impress.


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