Menopause: The Change for the Better - a positive & practical menopause guide

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Menopause: the change for the better



Line_pink.png founder Deborah Garlick, is as passionate as we are about raising awareness and changing women’s perceptions of menopause, helping them to better understand and start talking about what’s happening.

‘Menopause: The Change for the Better’ has been written by a range of expert contributors, looking at the natural and clinical options available. Experts include consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Karen Morton, and menopause coach Julie Dennis, who we’re delighted to say will both be talking menopause at our next Hot Flush events.

This practical guide is packed full of helpful tips and advice, it’s clearly laid out, easy to read, engaging, and above all positive.

The book is laid out in helpful sections looking at all options available to women. Taking no particular stance, it provides a balanced view of expert advice, giving women the information that allows them to think about what could be right for them. There's also a really helpful resource section for menopause information at the back of the book, if you want to search for something specific.

Relatable, real women’s stories, are woven into this book which is all about empowering women to start taking control of their menopause. To start talking in advance of what is happening. The message is that communicating is key in helping women to seek support and to understand that they shouldn’t suffer menopause issues on their own, or, in silence. It not only encourages women to be more open in talking and sharing experiences but coaches and suggests ways of talking to friends and family and, critically, how to ask the right questions when talking to their doctor and employers.

Henpicked is a brilliant community platform for women over 40. Their book carries the fundamental message that women are essentially a supportive bunch who love to share information to help each other out. Menopause, despite the jokes and eyerolling, isn’t all doom and gloom there’s lot to look forward to. The book is full of positivity encouraging women to stop focusing on the negative misleading impression we’re old, shrivelled up and past our sell-by date. You’ll also find out a thing or two about your hormones that you hadn’t known before, we did!

Hot Flush and Henpicked’s book are on the same page. It’s important to know what’s going to happen. Too many women say, maybe out of fear, denial or lack of awareness, ‘I’m not there yet’, without realising that from early 40s onwards, some of the weight they can’t shift, the nights they can’t sleep and creeping anxiety levels, are in fact a sign that women are on the way ‘there’! The message is that change isn’t always bad and that flipping our thinking from the negative, will help us to see menopause as a transformation, a new beginning, a metamorphosis! Menopause is a phase of life. We’ve done puberty, periods and maybe pregnancy, this is the next level!

With age comes wisdom, for most of us! We change for the better. We’re still here, having our ups and downs, yet we can find a new purpose in a new phase of our life, doing what fires and inspires us and maybe dropping what doesn’t!

Change as Henpicked say in their book, is most definitely for the better.

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7th July 2018