#MyPositivePause - Competition Rules and Prizes

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Thank you to all those that took part in our competition!

Check below next to prize details to see if you’re a lucky winner -We’ll direct message you if you are, to get your details!

19th October 2018

To celebrate the launch of our #PositivePause campaign, and to spread some positivity through the Twittersphere and Facebook, we’re running a fab competition for our followers with amazing prizes! So many great contributions from Kegel8, WellWellWell Clinic, White Hart Clinic, Become, FiftyOne Apparel, Regelle, BetterYou &more! Prizes are as follows:


First prize winner:

‘Lisa L’

Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner, worth £149.99


Runner up 1:

‘Clare G’

  • A nutrition & health session for managing menopause, with Nutritional Therapist, Jackie Lynch from WellWellWell Nutritional Therapy, London- worth £150

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Runner up 2:

‘Sona S’

  • A menopause MOT with Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Christien Bird from White Hart Clinic, London, worth £95

  • BetterYou Good Night supplements pack, worth £25

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Runner up 3:

‘Teri L’

  • A ticket to the Hot Flush event January 26th, worth £25

  • A set of Become underwear, worth £58

  • A copy of Jackie Lynch’s book Va Va Voom: The 10 day energy diet worth £15

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Runner up 4:

‘Sally H’

  • Regelle Bracelet and clutch pouch £40

  • Regelle vaginal moisturiser £17

  • BetterYou Good Night supplements pack, worth £25

  • A copy of Jane Lewis’ book, ‘Me & My Menopausal Vagina’ worth £9.95

  • Kegel8 cones

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Runner up 5:

‘Kate W’

  • Fifty One Apparel top £35

  • A copy of Jackie Lynch’s book Va Va Voom: The 10 day energy diet, worth £15

  • Kegel8 cones

  • BetterYou DLux+ Vitamin D+K2 Vital support for healthy bones and heart £9.95

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Runner up 6:

‘Christine H’

  • A copy of Jackie Lynch’s book Va Va Voom: The 10 day energy diet worth £15

  • BetterYou Vit K spray worth £14

  • BetterYou B12 spray worth £10

  • BetterYou Vit D spray worth £7

Runner up 7:

‘Aneet G’

  • A copy of Jackie Lynch’s book Va Va Voom: The 10 day energy diet, worth £15

  • Kegel8 cones

There are 3 stages to this competition. You will need to follow them all to be in with a chance to win! Find them below:


It’s all about Twitter and Facebook!

Twitter: follow @_hotflush @kegel8 @pelvicroar @WellWellWellUK @whitehartclinic

OR, Facebook: follow hotflush.info, Kegel8, pelvicroar, WellWellWellUK, WhiteHartClinic

Share your own #PositivePause

Tweet us, or post on our Facebook page, a photo of your own ‘positive pause’ moment using the hashtag #MyPositivePause. You might be reading, walking the dog, having a coffee, watching a film or putting your feet up, getting together with your friends, family or partner, whatever it is, we can’t wait to see your creative posts!

You can ask an expert your question!

When you follow the 5 sites involved in ‘PositivePause’ - Pelvicroar, Kegel8, White Hart Clinic, Hot Flush and WellWellWellUK, we’ll follow you back. Using Twitter’s ‘Direct Message’, or Facebook ‘Chat’, you can ask your own confidential question about sexual-wellbeing, continence, pelvic floor issues, nutrition and general menopause life. Don't hold back!

Closing date & winners?

The competition will run from 9:00am GMT, 12th October to midnight, 18th October, #WorldMenopauseDay2018! One winner, six runners-up and a few other lucky people, will be chosen at random and the results will be announced on the Hot Flush Twitter and Facebook pages at 6:00pm on 19th October.

Thank you so much to all who’ve so generously offered these tasty prizes.

 Good luck to you all. ‘May the ‘pause be with you!’ #MyPositivePause

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