One Tray Wonders: Why one-tray-bakes are the best mid-week meals for a healthy menopause diet


One-tray-bakes are good for your soul

We seem to be living faster more stressful, time-strapped lifestyles. Technology, social media, on-line shopping, travel, work, family issues, all become part of our juggling act. Add to that the stress of planning, preparing and producing a healthy balanced meal. It’s easy to see why it becomes the bottom of our priority list.

Supermarkets have made a killing from pre-thinking our meals for us, they even suggest a wine to accompany it, such a brilliant strategy for guaranteed sales. Yet, all the fine packaging and ‘health’ promises do not substitute good old home-cooking. Not forgetting that in general pre-packed foods tend to be higher in sodium and trans fats, the very things we need avoid in our diets to prevent our peri-menopausal padded waistlines.

Going through menopause and beyond, we need to re-think our diets, to maintain a healthy weight and mind. Eating a healthy diet will help avoid post-menopause issues such as osteoporosis, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and forms of cancer. A healthy diet will not only help you, but we can bet there may be family members who would benefit from re-thinking their diets too!

Consider menopause a reset button, a time to re-think how you approach, cooking, preparing and selecting the ingredients in your meals. One thing's for sure, a healthy diet can only do you good, and it’s never too late to start. Why not begin with the no-stress, no-mess, easy to prepare one-tray-wonders, they’ll work wonders on your health.

What we love about them is that all the flavours seep into each other, and, bar the plates, the washing-up is minimal. They taste just as good heated up as left-overs too. That's why we say one-tray-bakes are good for your soul!

Check out our One-Tray Wonder recipes, they’ll become regulars in your mid-week meal planning. We’d love to know which is your favourite?