Physicool cooling spray to help relieve hot flushes - A Hot Flush review.


Cooling spray to spritz and help during hot flushes

Physicool, a cooling spray, has its origins in the equine world but has now been developed into a product to help deal with hot flushes in menopause.

Physicool’s rapid evaporation cooling system was initially used to treat race horses. On hearing feedback from jockeys who used the spray to treat their own injuries, the manufacturers realised its’ human application. Testing and product development followed,  and Physicool was launched as a product for managing hot flushes.

The spray contains alcohol that causes rapid evaporation on the skin, sucking away the heat associated with hot flushes and other side effects of the menopause. The cooling mist contains aloe vera to help hydrate and protect skin, as well as add to the cooling effect.

It’s easy and simple to use. Just:

• Lightly spray the chest and neck area
• Allow the mist to evaporate and cool
• Reapply as needed


Hot Flush reviews


As I don’t suffer hot flushes, (only occasional night sweats), I can’t make a bold claim that this is offers truly effective relief. However, during the hottest days (and night’s) this summer I used it often. I found it most effective to spray on the thin skin areas of joints, like my inner elbows, backs of knees and ankles. I did spray it on my neck and chest but the sensation didn’t last as long.

On those hideously hot night’s when I couldn’t sleep, I used my Clarity menopause mindfulness app to lull me into a cooling slumber. I had to imagine I was stepping into cold water (hard to do in intense heat), so I sprayed my feet and ankles with Physicool, and hey presto, they were cold. When I had to walk deeper into the water I sprayed the backs of my knees and the cooling effect worked wonders. I actually woke up later with my phone still by my ear and I’d slept pretty well for me!

From then on, rather than spraying my neck and face, I used it on my elbows and I found the cooling effect lasted a lot longer.


I tried this during a week of high temperatures and humidity rather than when I was having hot flushes, accompanying sweats and increased pulse and all. However, the spray still had a very welcome cooling impact on contact with my skin. The spritzy spray smelt reassuringly fresh with a hint of menthol that added to the ‘cooling’ feeling.  The spray was light and didn’t leave a residue on my skin, even though I did have to use quite a lot each time and happily it worked well with make up.  Worth having in your bag, ready to grab when a hot flush hits.


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