Salving Soups: 5 Reasons why soups are a perfect peri-menopause meal


When Hot Flush hit peri-menopause we had no inkling that the bulging mid-riff was caused by our hormones. It seemed our destiny was an ever expanding torso, and signing up at ‘Slimming World’ was our only salvation.

We have come to realise that through menopause we need to re-think our meals. Why not start the new year with a new healthy lunch plan.

So, why should you include soups in your menopause meal planner?

Here’s 5 reasons why our salving soups could be your saviour.


Low in calories

The glory of soups is that they can fill you up, without adding on the adverse calories. Eating the right types is important in managing weight and ensuring you have a healthy balanced diet.  

Content controlled

Home-made soups are perfect peri-menopause meals. Eat home-made, opposed to canned or shop bought. They are so easy to prepare, and you know that all the ingredients are fresh and the sodium content is less, which ensures you maintain a healthy heart.

Liquid density

Soups tend to be low in calories compared to their serving size, this is due to the watery content and low calorie density. Choose soups that include ingredients such as vegetables, especially root veggies, pulses and lean protein found in pulses and legumes.

Nutrient rich

When trying to lose weight you tend to reduce your food intake and therefore you also reduce the number of essential vitamins and minerals your body is craving. By including root vegetables, you get a good portion of potassium and vitamin A, pulses are full of protein and iron. Sling in some hearty greens, you get an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Lunch munch

Soups are a perfect lunchtime meal, or starter when dining out. Ideally you should ditch the dough, if you’re bereft without bread, limit the quantity and make it whole grain, or sourdough -  only one slice please.

Soups to avoid

Avoid cheese and cream-based soups, as they are high in calories and although they may seem so, are not necessarily filling.

Remember to refrain from eating the entire bread basket, skip any croutons, noodles, or high-calorie toppings. Instead, sprinkle soup with seeds, such as chia seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.

Check out our Salving Soup recipe ideas to start your new healthy lunch regime.