Stew Pots: 6 reasons why stews are a menopausal woman’s winter winner


Was “Stewpot” your Junior Choice? Hot Flush were more the funky Memphis Soul Stew type of girl.

When the short days and long winter nights are getting us down, comfort food tends to be what we crave for. Turning to a hearty stew is by far the most calming and comforting of meals.

That craving doesn’t need to be the standard brown and beige meat and mash, it can be hearty, healthy and colourful too.

What’s not to like about cooking in one pot?

Here’s 6 reasons why stews are a menopausal woman’s winter winner.


Time savers

This is a big factor to their advantage. If you are time constrained they can be prepared in advance and stored for a few days in the fridge, allowing the flavours to infuse, making them even more tasty. Simply re-heated you have a meal in minutes. Try eating your stew with a spoon, it’ll slow you down and hopefully reduce the quantity you eat overall.

Prep, freeze & serve

As mentioned above, make them in advance, they can either be eaten a few days later, perhaps mid-week, or frozen and de-frosted. Perfect if you’ve returned from a holiday, or home late from work and have no food in the house. Either decant them into a freezer bag, or if putting a dish direct into the freezer then cover it with foil, not plastic wrapped. Take it out the night before to thaw and then when you get home you can pop it straight in the oven.

Very forgiving

You can experiment with recipes and ingredients as much as you wish. Stews and casseroles are very forgiving; they allow you the freedom to add or reduce certain ingredients according to your taste. If you like spicy then liven them up a bit, swap the varieties of root veggies according to seasonal availability and cost. The more root veg the better, they’re nutritional value and health benefits are prefect peri-menopause partners


Don't dis the dish

Recipes don’t necessarily need to be cooked in a particular type of casserole dish. You can use any kind of deep dish or pot that will hold your ingredients. Heatproof glass, metal or even disposable aluminium work great, especially if freezing.

Pack in the protein & fibre

A traditional stew is generally prepared with beef, yet if you’re trying to be healthier you can still get plenty of protein from vegetarian stews. They are just as filling and delicious with fibre-packed legumes such as chickpeas, lentils or a variety of beans. All the ingredients that we menopausal women should be consuming.

Make it fun!

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Liven up your cooking experience, don a colourful apron, dance about and do your damnedest to make a delicious dish. Who said cooking can’t be fun.

Check out our healthy menopause Stew Pot recipe ideas, you’ll find they are lighter, healthier and super colourful, most certainly a menopausal woman’s winter winner.