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What helps women 'FeelGood' in midlife & menopause?

Our first Feelgood Fair took place in SW London in May 2019. Women’s health professionals and wellbeing experts looked at the many options for women to manage hormones, health and happiness in midlife and menopause. It was a myth-busting event that looked beyond HRT. How did the messages go down?

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Who's talking at our May 11 PositivePause Feelgood Fair?

Want to know more about who’s talking at our Feelgood Fair? Introducing some of the healthcare professionals and experts from the world of women’s wellness, who’ll be talking at our event, with a shared aim of inspiring women at any age over 40, “that this time is not an ending but a real beginning!” (Dr Louise Wiseman).

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May 11 - PositivePause Feelgood Fair in Richmond

This fun, formative day, hosted by stand-up comic Harriet Beveridge, is chock-full of expert advice & discussions. Women's health experts, complementary therapists and leading figures from the world of health and wellbeing will share their knowledge with women looking for self-help strategies to manage their health, well-being and lifestyles. Join us, and FEEL GOOD!

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