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Does menopause affect women's mental health?

‘Mentally Yours’ is a podcast from Metro online looking at mental health. Ann shared her own experience, educating co-hosts Yvette and Ellen about the link between hormones and women’s mental health in perimenopause and menopause. Read the facts & listen to the podcast!

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Menopause support - past, present and future!

As she comes to the end of her role as Chair of the British Menopause Society, Kathy Abernethy, shares how much attitudes and menopause support have changed in the last 35 years! WIN a copy of her book, ‘Menopause: The One Stop Guide’. Find out how!

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3 Pieces of Smart Female Financial Advice for Midlife and Beyond!

Claire Sweet is a female financial advisor, “I empower women by giving them a firm grasp of their finances, regardless of whether they have a husband or partner, and this allows them to make their own informed money choices.” Claire shares her expert advice for women on how to take charge of their future finances.

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