The Age Well Project - A handbook to find easy ways to live a longer, healthier, happier life!


Want to Age Well?

We all want to lead a healthier, happier life in our later years and this book is a sure start to help you achieve it.

Of course, any book that quotes PostivePause as a credible menopause resource is going to be on or ‘We Love’ list, (if you get the book then check page 52).


We were delighted that Susan Saunders co-author of ‘The Age Well Project’ could join us at our Feelgood Fair on May 11th, to enlighten our health conscious audience on what prompted her, and Annabel Streets to embark on this project to ageing well?

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The Age Well Project is not a menopause book, it’s for anyone interested in being their best possible health, for now and in the future, a mantra that we use often. So, when we heard about Susan and Annabel’s development of this book last year we had to meet to discuss it further.

We discovered that our messages were all too similar, although what prompted them to write ‘The Age Well Project’ were hereditary health issues. They’d witnessed close family experience early onset dementia, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and heart disease, that had taken loved ones far too early. One of them had already inherited a chronic disease. And both wanted to be proactive in being the best they can be through midlife and beyond!

A year on since we met with Susan and five years into their research, the book is now launched with unbelievable success and fantastic reviews, (not least ours!) It’s been serialised in the Daily Mail and featured in most tabloids. The book is an Amazon bestseller in three categories and been in the top 40 on Amazon overall. And most recently they featured on the front page of the Guardian on ‘How to live longer and stay healthier’.

Both mother’s with successful careers bringing up young families, whilst coping and caring for parents through their illness. Susan’s concern was due to the time she’d spent caring for her mother and her subsequent decline with Alzheimer’s. Annabel was juggling her own health issues with autoimmune disease, whilst raising her young family. Their driver was to prevent their children dealing with similar situations.

Together, Susan and Annabel started researching the latest science and how they could apply it to their lives. Both in their 50s, say they “have never been in better health.”

We’d urge anyone interested in maintaining optimum health to own this book.

There is plenty of up-to-date, evidence based research to back up their findings. They’ve spoken to experts worldwide and compiled almost 100 short cuts to health in mid and later life. We’d urge anyone interested in maintaining optimum health to own this book. It’s an easy dip in-able handbook, full of practical, easy to implement advice and tips.

Much of what’s written advocates our PositivePause symptoms advice. What to eat, avoid, lifestyle changes, exercise, supplements, when and how to talk to your GP’s. Yet is goes far deeper into health conditions that are not associated with menopause, but certainly apply to age related health.

Coffee, wine, beer, they’ve found health benefits in each. Yet the message is in moderation. Life is for enjoying, so find out what makes you happy, yet be mindful of the health implications. They look at the research findings of people living in the ‘Blue Zones’, who live into their 100’s. Colourful foods, plenty of socialisation, keep moving, sleep and avoid stress.

There’s not only advice on health prevention, there are handy little lifestyle tips too. I was especially keen to flip to the page that tells you how to make your hair look thicker and healthier, without having to invest in any more expensive products or treatments than you’re already using? No, I’m not going to give the secret away in this review, you’ll have to buy the book. I read with scepticism but tried it anyway, and it truly works!

Everything they advocate can only do you good.

It’s a worthy investment if you want to find Easy Ways to Live a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life and AGE WELL!


May 2019

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