The Cultured Club

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We love a bit of alliteration at HF, so Dearbhla Reynolds’ Fabulously Funky Ferments recipes caught our attention on two levels, the 3 F’s and the fermentation information, recipes and guidance on what you need to know, to get started.  We heard Dearbhla talking to Kerry Matthews on Radio 6, recently. We liked what we heard and went in search of her book, The Cultured Club.


This is what the blurb says:

In The Cultured Club, which begins with a brief history of fermentation and a guide to maintaining gut health, you will learn basic fermentation techniques using simple ingredients and discover numerous recipes for sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, condiments, dips, tapenades, breads, nut cheeses and tonics that promise to restore vitality.

Learn the simple art of fermentation, enjoy its delicious, vibrant flavours and watch your health flourish. 


This is what we say:

This beautiful book, with its earthy tones and colours, makes you want to rush out, buy those jars and start fermenting. There’s tons of advice, on crocks, jars, weights and more. With seasonal recipes guiding you on how to make the best of what nature is producing to retain their nutrients. Who knew that you could ferment so much, from the obvious fruit and vegetables to tubers, bulbs, and flowers?


Fitting in with the latest Swedish lifestyle trend, ‘Lagom’, (Hygge, being so last season apparently!), this will make a great Christmas present. ‘Lagom’ means doing things you love, being less wasteful and doing your bit for the planet. Seems to us this sums up the principles behind Dearbhla’s book and fermentation, nicely.

We say, read and digest! Then get started on the Kimchi and Winter Krauts.