The story behind a range of colourful & cooling accessories for hot menopausal women!


The natural, instant, cooling accessory for hot menopausal women!

For Tamara Hunt, founder of the colourfully designed hand fan company FYA (Fanny’s Your Aunt), a gift from her mother-in-law inspired a new mid-life business venture.

Tamara shares her story of how she came to design cool, colourful accessories, not just for menopausal women, but for anyone in need of natural, instant, cooling relief!

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A few years ago, before mid-life and menopause came hurtling into my life, my mother-in-law kindly gave me a traditional, hand-held fan.  To be honest, I can’t remember a lot about it now, as my husband dispatched it shortly afterwards swatting wasps while on a family holiday in Greece, but I remembered thinking at the time that it could do with a bit of spicing up. 

At the time I was a mother of two small children, fitting in freelance writing work when I could. What spare time I had was spent devouring books and newspapers, frequently jotting down quotes that resonated, or summoning up my own as a way of making sense of all of our lives.  The ones I got most excited about I would run past my husband and, subject to him being similarly enthusiastic, they would get framed and end up on our downstairs-loo wall, from which visitors would frequently emerge exclaiming how much they had enjoyed their visit.

So, when my business partner and sales-terrier extraordinaire, Mel, was propping up one of our sofas with a glass of wine two summers ago, pondering on what to do next, we had our bingo moment.  

From the start we wanted to take the traditionally submissive woman’s accessory and transform it into a fun and fashionably empowering one.  We started, in 2018, with five phrases and set them against backgrounds designs based upon what was trending that summer – last summer animal print abounded; this summer it’s about tie-dye, tutti-frutti colours and feathers, among others.

Fun, and above all empowering design, is at the heart of what we do, and we want to achieve that from the inside out, starting with our 2020 collection, by supporting emerging young designers. Photographs of the collection reflect the boundary defying appeal of our product.  The age-range of models on our 2019 photo shoot spanned from six to 76 and we sell almost as many fans to men as we do to women. 

Our journey at Fanny’s Your Aunt has been hugely enriching and equally frustrating.  It’s frustrating that we are unable to manufacture our fans at affordable prices close to home; instead they are made in China. Highs include our first online purchase; the first letter we received from the young Togo girl we sponsor to enable her to stay in education; and every time someone gets excited about one of our designs.

Tamara Hunt

July 2019

FYA (Fanny’s Your Aunt) will be exhibiting at our Manchester Feelgood Fair, on October 5th.

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