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Thriva at-home finger-prick blood test

We’re great believers in self-care and taking responsibility for our own health, so when we were asked by Thriva to try their at-home, finger-prick blood test, with GP-analysed results, we were intrigued. We wanted to see what the process entailed, and how it could help women manage their health in midlife, menopause and beyond.



The process was very straightforward. We completed an online questionnaire covering lifestyle, diet, weight and height, generating a secure account to manage the whole process.

The neatly packaged test dropped through the letterbox a couple of days later. Ann had opted for the Thriva Menopause Test to find out where she was on her hormonal ‘journey’. Knowing that I was well and truly post-menopause, I wanted to check out my midlife levels of Vitamin D, Thyroid and Cholesterol, the key indicators of bone health, energy and depression levels, and heart health!


The test kit was very clearly labelled with everything in it that we would need, including some very cute, smiley plasters. After watching Thriva’s short instructional video on You Tube, we were ready for action. Pricking our previously warmed and washed little fingers, (which hurt less than anticipated), we went on to slowly fill the small phials up to the measure. With dated, named and timed labels attached, the little phials went into an addressed envelope. We sat back and waited, but not for long!


Within 48 hours we had our results! Jo’s test results were a mixed bag:

‘Hi Jo, I am pleased to say that your thyroid tests are normal; however, your lipid levels are raised, and your Vitamin D is low. By making the suggested changes, it may help to refine these bloods before your next test in 3 months’ said the doctor completing the report. There was commentary, detailed analysis and recommendations on how to improve both my cholesterol and vitamin D levels. All very helpful indeed! Now I need to follow up on the dietary and lifestyle suggestions, repeat a blood test in 3 months, and as Thriva recommend, see my GP if there’s been no improvement.

Ann’s menopause test results confirmed her Oestrogen and FSH levels are, ‘consistent with the menopause. Your cholesterol is raised so please try to follow the dietary advice given below to help with this.’


What’s our verdict? The easy-to-take Thriva blood test was really convenient, especially if you’re time poor, can’t easily get a GP appointment, or are just curious about monitoring your health. It’s a really efficient way of keeping track of your own health. Ann’s menopause test results were not particularly surprising given her age, but for women in their early forties, curious about their hormones, this simple test will help them to understand what’s happening, and armed with that knowledge they can take steps to manage their menopause.


In my case, this was a very timely reminder that I need to make some changes to get cholesterol levels down. I had opted to take the test out of curiosity but it flagged up something potentially very serious which I would otherwise have been unaware of. This truly has been a case of catching ‘small health issues before they become big health issues’. Thank you, Thriva!

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Watch Jo and Ann taking the tests, it’s not quite a blood bath!

‘Positivepause Thriva Blood Test For Menopause & Thyroid’


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