Want to know more about midlife style? We talk to Alyson Walsh from 'That's Not My Age'.


What can we learn from the face behind the fashion website, ‘That’s Not My Age’?

Coffee and a catch up with Alyson Walsh, founder of ‘That’s Not My Age’.


“It’s not about age, it’s about style”, says Alyson Walsh, former magazine fashion editor, author and founder of one of my favourite lifestyle and fashion websites, That’s Not My Age (TNMA).

Alyson’s influential site, That’s Not My Age.

Alyson’s influential site, That’s Not My Age.

I met up with Alyson for a chat about life, online and offline, her work and her plans. For those not familiar with TNMA, the website features Alyson’s take on what to wear and how to wear it, alongside lifestyle, beauty and hair, for women of all ages. For me the appeal is the focus on the women 50+ who are either my contemporaries (as Alyson is), or the older women who wear life well, showing absolute ageless style and attitude. Alyson’s philosophy is that style trumps age, once you figure out what suits you, stick with it, as it’ll help you to feel ‘chic and comfortable and confident’.

TNMA’s style crusade has been going strong since 2008. A scroll through her Instagram page or a mooch on her blog, always throws up ideas that can often be fairly easily replicated without blowing the bank. Although, it being a fashion blog and Alyson being an ex-fashion editor, there are some pricey items on the site, but hey it doesn’t do any harm to look and take away ideas, does it?

I particularly like the fact that you’ll see the same item of clothing used to create new looks over a period of years - it’s an antidote to throwaway fashion. Features such as ‘Easy Ways to Feel More Confident About Your Style’, are great for giving women fashion and beauty ideas at a time when midlife and menopause can mean a loss of confidence with all the body changes and a feeling of change of self. These changes aggravate that tedious ‘what to wear?’ feeling.

Alyson’s continued to write for national press and has written two books on the subject: ‘Style Forever: How to Look Fabulous Every Age’, and ‘Know Your Style’. Her books bring together years of ideas, contacts and experience, to inspire women who are looking to develop their own style or who need a little bit of encouragement to make a few changes.

I won’t run through what Alyson was wearing for our casual coffee meet up, other than to say, even her cycling headgear was stylish! A keen city cyclist, she was wearing a Swedish-designed neck collar with an inbuilt airbag that inflates covering the head in the event of an accident. Stylish, no hat hair and only marginally more expensive than a standard plastic helmet. A nice metaphor for Alyson’s style philosophy.


May 2019


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