What helps women 'FeelGood' in midlife & menopause?

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Our First ‘Feelgood Fair’!

What did women make of our fun, evidence-based, information-filled day in Richmond, London?


“I am a course junky, this is the best course/workshop day I have ever been on, professionally & and from a personal perspective. All the detail, the quality and the connection of the speakers, the open, nurturing and non-protectionist atmosphere, the fun, happy & inspired women. It is all your doing!” *

*Christien Bird, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, owner of White Hart Clinic, Barnes, on her day at our Richmond Feelgood Fair.

It was great to receive this enthusiastic and generous feedback from Christien, one of our favourite, regular speakers who shares how to love your pelvic floor as menopause hits. It’s such a key message, but so few women seem to know about the impact of falling hormones on this vital part of their anatomy! Yet again, at our Feelgood Fair, she delivered top tips on the ‘3 Ps’ we should focus on, in menopause - strengthening the pelvic floor to stop leaking when you laugh, doing the perfect poo and preventing prolapse! Don’t worry if you couldn’t be there, you can catch her tips here or by searching her name on our search bar for her other articles or vlogs with us.

Christien was one of a number of amazing speakers, authors and panellists who went down a storm with our guests. The whole event was kept on track by MC and Comic, Harriet Beveridge who gave us two sets of her own Oestrogen Armageddon.

Here’s a few snippets of what attendees had to say about how their ‘Positive Pause’ day had gone. We’ll be at The Federation, Manchester, on 5th October. Hold the date, if you’re a north west woman who wants the best advice and information for taking on midlife, hormones and menopause.