What value do we place on sleep?


Do you want to know why sleep is so important to improve menopause symptoms?

What “outweighs sex, chatting, going for a walk, eating with family”?

A recent ‘Living Well’ survey commissioned by Sainsbury’s, carried out by Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research, found that a ‘good night’s sleep’ outranks any of the above!

Researchers asked a panel of 8250 people from around the country about different aspects of their life to help identify what it means to live well and what aspects of their life are holding people back, we’re guessing that even though many of us are obsessed with sleep, it was a surprise when sleep topped the bill as having the strongest link with living well in the UK today. Those with the lowest ‘quality of life’ score reported that they ‘rarely, or never, felt rested, and that improving sleep quality would be the equivalent of having 4 times as much disposable income.

Many of us have the familiar experience of lying awake in the dark at 3 am, catastrophizing life’s event, sometimes justifiably so, but most often not! A whole industry has developed around sleep. There’s a myriad of products, scents, supplements, apps and books, all geared up to help us get to the land of nod but despite this, the survey finds that we’re still in search of a decent night’s kip.

HF women have to factor in the uninvited consequences of menopause, hormones ebb & flow (less of the flow!) disrupting sleep. If you’re one of the many for whom hot flushes, night sweats and anxiety interrupt your fields of dreams, a restful night’s sleep is as rare as hen’s teeth. When you’re not getting enough sleep, it can impact on your levels of anxiety, weight gain, depression and sense of self-esteem. Put your feet up, rest and read our Sleepless Nights & Insomnia  and ‘10 tips on how to get to sleep and stay asleep 10 tips to get to sleep and stay asleep.

The panel will be questioned every 6 months so we’ll be able to check in on whether or not, the nation sleeps any more soundly in the coming years.