Your cup of tea & menopause

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We do love a cuppa, krisi smith from bird & blend tea shares more love on how tea can relieve menopause symptoms

Krisi Smith, Founder of Bird & Blend Tea Co. - the independent, eco tea company, ‘spreading happiness & reimagining tea’ - gives us the lowdown on teas that can help to relieve menopausal symptoms. She introduces us to the delights of cold and iced tea but probably not as you know it!


Hey, Hot Flush readers! July is on its way, and it’s warming up outside 🌞

It’s a great time to start experimenting with cold and iced teas as a flavourful and satisfying alternative to your usual Summer BBQ /Party /office bevvy, especially if you are trying to avoid sugary, sweet or alcoholic drinks. Cold and iced teas can be the perfect summer thirst-quencher as well as keeping you feeling refreshed and on top form in the heat!

I get asked a lot in store about teas that are great for cooling us down as well as helping with sleep, anxiety and digestion issues such as IBS and although we focus on flavour first, (that’s our big thing!), many teas have great natural benefits too.

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Firstly, I highly recommend cold brewing your tea. What’s cold brew tea, I hear you ask? Well it’s probably the way to the simplest, and most nutritious cuppa’ you’ll ever have. Essentially, cold-brewed tea is steeped using cold water rather than hot, and left for longer to infuse and draw out flavours. This ensures more nutritional content from your tea, with no compromise from the heat of boiled water!

All you need is a bottle, jar, mug or pitcher, some tea (bags or loose leaf is fine) and water. You simply fill the Cold Brew Bottle with water from the tap and pop in the fridge overnight. It is for the office fridge, the picnic table or to keep the kids away from sugary squash.

We’ve found that we get incredible results, from green and fruit teas when the cold brewing process seems to accentuate sweetness, and reduce any bitterness. This is especially useful with green teas, which are prone to bitterness when over-steeped.

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What teas would be appropriate for women in perimenopause? 

Sleeping, especially over the hot summer months can be a nightmare so we always recommend the natural benefits of Valerian root. Known as nature’s valium this root is really effective, but tastes a little funky! So we’ve created a few teas that really taste great, but still have enough valerian in them to send you off snoozing! Deckchair Dreaming is our best selling herbal tea blend, tasting of crisp apples & chamomile, so a perfect tea before bed on those hot and sleepless summer night, to stop you from tossing and turning! You can enjoy this tea hot or cold.

Ginseng, jasmine, white and green teas are all known for their soothing and reviving properties as well as being said to offer relief from menopause symptoms. We have a tea with all these ingredients in: Chinese Treasures which is our take on a traditional Ba Bao Cha (Eight Treasures Tea). You can also pick up the herbs you want from your local Chinese herbalists to make a custom blend for yourself at home. 

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, it is so important to keep your body hydrated so we recommend finding a flavourful fruit tea (that is naturally decaffeinated too) that you can steep and sip throughout the summer. My favourite is our Cococabana Coola, a fruit tea blend of pineapple, papaya & passion fruit that is awesome cold brewed. - I sometimes top it up with sparkling water for a sugar free fizzy fresher! This one really packs a punch, and is so satisfying as a summer thirst-quencher.

I hope that these recommendations help to set you off on an iced or cold brew journey of discovery. You really can try any blend, and if it takes your fancy, why not try cold brewing your tea with lemonade, coconut milk, or even your alcoholic spirit of choice. We would love to know how you get on!

Happy brewing 💙

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Sparkling Eton Mess Spritz by A Girl & Grey

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1st July 2018